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  • Hey I recall you being interested in ram air and vaguely recall you saying you got it. Is that true? If so which one did you go with, UFO or Ramair4vmax?
    Rebar, came across 85 exhaust that are pretty cherry, you interested? Someone told me the outlets would be 32 mm if they are truly 85s. Do know if that is true? Drop me a line if you want to do some horse trading. Got tons of pictures if you send an email address. PATMAX
    PM me about your Kerker 4/1 canister, got any pics & particulars? I have header pipes/midpipe, looking for a complete can/baffle/cap, thanks.
    only listing for 3 days. Had to lower price a bit cause I sold the Venture polished shaft drive and put the polished stock shaft drive back on. If I dont sell before riding season I wont be able to part with it once I start riding again.LOL rick rash
    Yes, there are pictures some where in the carb setup back in march april etc. I also didnt want to spend 500.00 for a stage 7 w filters so I made my own setup. As far as performance goes I am the fastest here with stock wheels, internals, suspension, with a 4-1 header. The bike has no flat spots and pulls very strong from idle to redline of 9500. I am getting an avg. of 33MPG riding hard on the street. If your interested I can build you the same setup for $200.00
    Hey Rebar! I see you're in IA City. Their are quite a few of us in this region of IA. Quad Cities here. HubeerJW lives in Washington IA. We'll all have to meet up in the spring. We are planning a ride somewhere around either Dubuque or Cedar Rapids.

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