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  • Hi Keith , I have to sell all my vmax parts ,engines ,frames ,front forks ,wheels body work,
    some side car conversion parts , it sounds you know some vmax people , I have ALS have to sell all my bikes , two side car machines , if you know anybody who is interested ,also have my own dynoyet dyno . thanks Peter
    Sorry to get back to you late, i couldn't make it, my wife fractured her foot when we where on vacation and i had to go in for some tests at the doctor, i will definitely make it next time, any more rides coming up this year? i noticed a 2 day ride but haven't heard much about it.
    Hay Keith,
    It's Barry Myers just touching base. Really nice meeting you.
    You are the right guy for the VMOA job...I got a kick out of you stopping just out of the blue. Have a good summer and ride safe!
    I'll stay in touch, thanks again.

    Barry Myers aka Jack Butler
    I'm planning a day trip to Waterton Ab. If you live in Regina and want to join us, Evan is coming from Regina to my place Fri. I'm sure you guys could ride to the 'Hat' together. I can help with finding a hotel if you want. We'll be leaving Sat. morning on our way to meet Mark in Lethbridge. After leaving Lethbridge we'll head to Fort Macleod. If you're in Calgary and want to met us in Fort Macleod, it's only a short ride down Deerfoot Trail and Hwy. 2. Waterton is only 105 kms from Ft. Macleod. If you want to bring your reg. riding posse, by all means, it's all about the ride. Let me know.
    When: 8am Sat. June 5th, 2010

    Where: Petro Canada Station across from the C.O.P. in Calgary

    Details: Facebook group 'V-Max Canada', events page

    Contact: [email protected]
    I'm looking for V-Max gloves if anyone knows where i get them, please let me know.
    Hey RoMax, Good to meet you. I've been away from this site lately, working on my vmax, built a paint booth. When I;m done painting and rebuilding, I'll post some photo's of what chinanigans I've been up to. Have a good one!
    Don`t know if I`ll get up that way anytime soon but I`ll keep that in mind.
    Hi Hieth,
    My name is Dave and I live in Ontario, southern CALIFORNIA not Canada LOL. so, that would be quite a long ride for me , but I will check out your site any way.
    Take care my friend,
    Sounds good. I live in Calgary, but work away from home alot, so I am not involved in much. I would participate in rides if my schedule fits though.

    Lyle DuBois
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