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  • nice. keep me in the loop man. love to see the fabrication. i should be able to take some close ups today, did u need any specific angles?
    Here's some on ebay:


    they are being sold in the UK's ebay by the same guy that sold me mine (outside of ebay). he's good shit to deal with. I paid right under $100 with shipping I believe so anything around that is a decent deal...
    ah i follow. it will be a couple days as I won't be home until dark tonight then going out of town for a long weekend. I can DEF get you some when i get back. Thevmaxrider and VmaxinID also have them. Here is a link from a UK chat site that hopefully can help ya in the interim:

    its really quite simple. my bracket that connects to the guard itself and then butts against the frame has both tabs pointing in. this one on the website looks like they both point forward, i gotta imagine either way would work.. as for the lower mount, until I got my frame braces I just took a small bolt and nut and put it on. then got another nut and a little rubber grommet and let the rubber sit against the cylinder head. the bracket it shows pops the guards out wayyyyyy to far IMO...
    Hey sorry I just realized that i asked for pics you said you didn't have. Damn still learning this PM thing. Yeah if you could send me his email I would appreciate it.
    Hey man thanks for the compliments. I got them off of a gent in the UK. they are sometimes up for sale on the UK ebay, but i can shoot you an email of the guy who sold me mine.

    I don't have any good pics of how they mount, but its pretty simple. the guards have a bracket that bolts on to them. you then attach the bracket to your frame via hose clamps. its not the most sophisticated thing, and yea you can see them if you look hard but it works well...

    i love the looks, but they get HOT in the sun and are a little uncomfortable on your legs with your legs down.

    overall. i'd do it again tho!

    PM me directly if you want the email of the gent!
    I was gonna have it done by AUTOTRIM DESIGN, but they were not close.....go to your local sign shop. Evidently this is a pretty common job (mostly for cars). Plus no shipping / waiting hassles. 2 days - done. Bring your digital art on a USB flash drive $110.00!
    That was the hardest part....picking the artwork!
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