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  • Cool. I put on a Evoluzione air filter filter, using the brkt, omitting the top part of the air box. It gives a little extra kick, and you can hear the carbs kick in. Lots of fun. After 1 k miles, I changed the rear oil. At 300, I chg'd the eng oil using Yamalube, then at 1k, I put in Amsoil w/ Lucus additive. With the 10-40, it makes the eng rattle, clutches. Maybe 20-50 wouldn't hurt. I'll do that next year. You may loose a hp or two. Both weights in Amsoil is good protection. Pen and I may try to take a trip on the scooter in a couple three weeks. Will see what happens. Have fun and will catch up with ya maybe next month or maybe th e1st weekend in Aug. Mark
    What's up buddy. This is Bobby. I've got almost 1k miles on the ole' girl already. I love it. It's everything I want in a bike, and then some. Gotta love Vmax.
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