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  • just saw your post, the 1500 is truly awesome, i found the 39mm flatsides really support the motor best. I went with mild compression 11:1 and stage 3 cams. very reliable and good for 160 rwhp. just don't go any bigger than the 39mm carbs. the 41mm or bigger rob too much midrange torque.
    My EFI throttle bodies are the 45mm, spec for the 1500 motor. I did not gain HP over my flatslides 39mm. However, the carbs would flat out at max HP of about 160 - 162 RWHP. The EFI would pull HP right through redline if allowed. I still stopped my dyno runs at 9500 rpm. If you have a Laptop and installed 02 sensor on your bike, you can map each gear, rpm and throttle position to maximize performance and drive a bility. I also had to upgrade to a higher output alternator/stator for the EFI. I installed the Exactrep stator and Jarec Clary in Arizona had his rewound to the Venture spec for his 1500. The 1500 motor really screams , regardless of EFI or Carbs. The EFI mostly allows precise tuning for altitiude, seasonal temp. and cruise or race mode. I am getting about 33 mpg with the EFI. I still have it on my bike, not going to remove unless I sell it. Mapping is simple, but tedious. Just make sure you install a good 02 on bike. i have the Wideband from Dynojet.
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