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  • Hey bikedave99! Thanks for the reply/info and advice. I will keep my eye open on ebay once I get the bike. No big rush, but thought I would start doing some research. Thanks again- Kel
    Thanks and Happy Easter to you! They are the Tourmaster Cruiser III Slant bags in size large I believe. Here is the manufacturer's website for them: http://www.tourmaster.com/product/Nylon_Cruiser_III_Collection/Cruiser_III_Slant_Saddlebags/309/64

    I just kept my eye on ebay for a while and picked these up for about $50 i think. I really like them! They come with a lot of straps for attachment and raincovers. They feel pretty tough. One thing to keep in mind with soft bags and the Vmax is that it is difficult to find a set that will install under the seat. I have to run this over the seat, but that is not an issue for me.
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