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  • I have 88 vmax I put cobra slip on exhaust and it started to miss in high rpm I think running Lean. I drove it like that for couple months now it's missing bad all the time spark is Good I bought a jet kit for carbs will this solve my problems ? Thanks for help
    Hey tom. Can you send me in the right direction for a budget friendly shift light? Never had one on anything amd would like to put one on my max since im sure itll be a little difficult to see the tach. They got a few cheap ones on ebay but not sure i trust them. Dont wanna spend an arm and a leg but want one thats going to work well.
    Hey Tom! This is chris. Been poking around asking questions. Just figured id let you know i was here.
    Hey Tom! Sorry I missed your calls. Worse yet is i forgot to call you back. I finally remembered my user name here and got logged on. I have been busy most every weekend, but im gonna make some time to ride with you guys in july. Will be in touch..ttyl
    Hey add me to your friends list and let me know when you go for a ride would love to hang out.
    Hi tom hope life is good for you. Im still trying to get up that way. I talked with damon tonight and he like the cover i got him for xmas alot. He wants all off us to have them installed for thunder. In the spring we will check my compression and if its good he said we should be able to find 6 more horse power. It dont have any blow-by coming out of the stage 7 oil cap vent so i feel it should check good. I cant wait to get that jeep done and out of my garage so i can start working on the vmax. I still need to come up with a rear rotor to go with the front rotors you got for me. Do you have extra bolts or do i need to get some. Im making a list you know. LOL........Mike
    Dont you have a ride to post for this weekend. I will try and make it but im not sure if i will be going drag racing or not. I think i can pull off a 11.60 if i can get it all to come togather. It looking more like i will ride to GR for a few hours. Money's tight this week. I wish i had more vmax's to ride with around here. I like riding your area more than any place but its a long ride by myself.
    Hey I think it might be good riding sat. or sun. maybe we could get to Muskegon and ride with 2fear? Let me know what u think.
    I got the bike home. I was a little pissed at first but after i thought about it i was glad it went down the way it did.10 mile's from home not 128. Also it had to be week from other rider to blow that way. I dident help it any. but i do remember 2 time in the past when i started it the bike moved just a little. just before i blew it the bike moved just a little after i got the tire to smoke. Damon is ordering me a good set up with stock disc and heavy spring. he said to cleen the steel up. Close to what you said. Well im done for the year. Time to work alot and make extra monkey money. Damon know's alot. And he's cool as hell. Im cleaning the vmax palace and making it safe for the carbon fiber paint. We will be loud and proud next year. You need to come up with a name for are tripple digit michigan vmax crew. Maybe we can get other state's rider's to qualifie for the michigan tripple digit vmax crew. We need a name Bee.
    Hi, ever do business w/Babbit's in Muskegon? I just ordered some parts for a 305 Superhawk & wondered what their reputation was like. Thanks.

    My friends at Gull Lake said you are expecting frost. A short summer! Pretty soon the orchards will have apples & cider. I always liked the fall in MI just not too-crazy about the winter.
    tom, I cant tell if you got my reply or not.But if you are coming down I96 to I69 south,I will meet you at the speedway in charlotte.Right of the freeway.You may need gas by then anyways.May be a good place for all the lansing guys to meet up.
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