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  • Another request for max relaxers, just rode from Indiana to Mississippi.
    I will take a set of them when available, thanks.

    I contacted you awhile back about the Maxrelaxers. I have since retired from the military and am states sides for good. I still would like a pair of them. Let me know

    Damn , no I haven't slipped my mine altogether . I just made A note and will try to get some pricing this week
    Sir;Curious about your E.F.I. system for the VMAX.I have a 91 that I want to convert.Purchased microsquirt ,gsxr 1000 throttle bodies,gsxr fuel pump or another external fuel pump for fuel injection.Interested in intake manifold,parameters ,settings, etc.. What type of controller did you use. ? thank you.Robert LeTourneau
    swaped out #4 coil and plug, now has intermittent misfire, I may just change all of the plugs and any coils that have bad rubbers.
    Don't overlook putting a new plug in that hole also. While you're under the hood, pull that wire completely off at both ends and put an ohm meter across it and check for continuity. I'm assuming that code wouldn't pop up if it was something as simple as a bad injector on that cylinder, or that if it were, there'd be more codes to match.
    What do you think Rick does it look like fun the longer route will take us down into Elkins West Virginia otherwise we will just cut 72 out of Parsons and head back
    Rick, your MaxRelaxer highway bars for the Gen2 are FREAKIN AWESOME !! You truly are living up to your Mod Monkey innovation award !!!
    What up dude. Just thought i would say hi. Hope life is going great for you........Mike
    I'm responding to your pm here because when I tried to read your message this site would not let me???????????? I'm in Southern NH on the Ma border. In the areas of Tyngsboro, Dracut, Lowell, Methuen Ma, and Nashua, Salem, Hudson, Derry NH. I'd like to ride sometime. Thanks for the invite.
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