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    Best Sounding Exhaust

    Heres mine...: Marks 4 into 1 14" can 2.5" downturn outlet.. and my other one tried to get a better one.. I wanted the 4-1 as I believe it sounds slightly better than the 4-2, as the 4-2 you have to stand centered behind bike for best sound, otherwise you'll hear one side over the other...
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    sound on vmax

    Boom! :) I did think this was gonna be an exhaust thread though. Mines actually Mark's Exhaust, but..basically the same..(cept deeper) ;)
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    Greetings fellow Max-xxers...

    Glad it worked out. Congrats. and welcome. That list of concerns sounds about normal. Brakes? - heck, they sound factory fresh to me. ;) Lil elbow grease and you'll have those minor concerns ironed out. That's the easy part. The hard part is the never ending journey to "making it your own". Do...
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    engine bars

    Wow. Very nice lookin. T$
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    done what I said I wouldnt

    I think I'm in this camp. I prefer the ..well.. I guess "factory shaped" sorta cruiser style, if you will.. but lower, longer swingarm, wider rear tire, chrome in just the right places, nice paint, aftermarket signals (and obviously taillight). Maybe like if the Gen 1 had actually evolved over...
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    Suspension Upgrade Input

    I beg to differ good sir. Since when is a Vmax with a cooler looking stance not an advantage? ;) I lowered the front 1", and will lower the rear the same..(when funds allow..of course). YMMV T$
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    Looking for front turn signal attachment part

    Dammit Sean, you're a bad influence. ;) So.. how much for a chrome one? (with trade in core). T.
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    Sinko 160 Rear Tire

    I got the 777 in a 170/80/15. It had good reviews. Fits perfectly. a lil more room than the Metzler (of the same size) it replaced. I don't plan on doing over 130 for an hour any time soon, so the H rating is just fine with me. Not sure bout longevity, as I just put it on a few miles ago...
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    GEN 1 Aluminum Scoop Question

    +1 to the chrome. Medic, for a hot second I though you were having a pool party with John lennon.. But I'm thinkin those "people" could be just statues..and possibly not a John Lennon statue.. T.
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    Thanks to Sean Morley for help on my Vmax collection: 1998 21" wheel, 1985 custom nitrous chaindrive

    I thought it looked "corbin-ish", maybe modded. I don't love the regular "flatish" corbin. This looks more swoopy. Cool. T.
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    Thanks to Sean Morley for help on my Vmax collection: 1998 21" wheel, 1985 custom nitrous chaindrive

    Cool indeed. I thought I was lucky to have 1 vmax… nevermind 2.. and quite a ways from stock I'd say. Congrats. And yes, Sean Is the man. What seat is on the black bike? Looks pretty cool...and custom? T.
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    My LED Lights.

    Thanks, Yea, I went to their site and comparing your pic to their options, I narrowed it down. I would assume the single "upfacing" leds may not light up the "entire gage" like the ol' incandescents with their 360 deg illumination, which is why the ones with LED on top and on the sides help for...
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    My LED Lights.

    Sweet yo. Can you tell me specifically which LEDs the #74 you got were? Are they are the single led, or multiple? **EDIT- Oh, I see it now.. the multi. Thanks, T. That's some hella 20 Hundred pc. box of McNuggets , BTW.. ;) (Yea, I'll be that guy today)
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    What did you do to your Vmax today? Part 2

    Well, while that does seem strange, it was the 27K+ RPM that I thought was Odd...and was near the limit for only 4 sec... :) What am I missing there? T$
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    Wider rear & stock front?

    I got a 170/80/15 with a slightly smaller than stock front (100/90/18). I've heard folks say that the stock size handles corners better, but I've never had the stock size on the rear, so I don't know what I'm missing. ;) I'm sure you'll be fine. And, welcome to the forum.. T$