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  • yes I am still making the adapters for the v-boost. Now there has been issues with some peoples V-boost not working with the COPs conversion. I am not sure what is causing it! G
    there should be no reason that the harnesses would not work with your Dyna set up. Per Dyna as long as the Dyan box sees the same ohms resistance that the stock coils are. There should be no issues. The harnesses I build have the same resistance as the stock coils or actually have every so slighly a higher resistance to ensure there is no issues
    I got $600.00 bucks in the pistol but would do carbs and a hundred bucks. Straight across and I would take too big a hit. I would fully allow you to inspect it and reserve your right to change your mind if the weapon did not meet your expectations. Would you like a few pictures? Just send me your email address. Patrick
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