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  • Agree from own bad experience ; Yes same brand and same type of tyre is important …. manufacturers recommendation to follow…. ask ME ! Tried some Years to mix brands on some of my old bikes ; just gives nervous handling.... MY CBX-6 just got new Bridgestone BT-45 both front and back , we have Winter coming soon here in Sweden not tried them yet, but hope that will improve handling on my old beloved -78.
    I have been chatting with Sean and this local Harley guy who is helping me with my bike. The harley guy is pushing Avon 200/55/18's and Sean said it will work on my bike and it is a good tire. Just cost more than the Shinko's, but last longer. I will purchase soon..
    Well when I had the 18 inch RC wheel, I was running a 180 Shinko 003. Since your wanting to run a 200, i would recommend the Shinko 011. The verge is the same tire that a lot of gen2's run, and Ive been happy with it. The tire that i ran on the stock from wheel isnt being made any more, so I would suggest any make that is a "sport tourer" , which is the same as the Shinko Verge. Thru the years Ive found out that its more important to keep the same kind of tires...."Sport"...."Sport Tourer", then keeping the same brand. Same brand helps, but same type helps more.

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