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  • Dam junk camara playing tricks on me the frist pic's I took said something like 5-20-04 go figuare Or maybe one to many beer's:icon_jook::icon_jook:
    Any way here's just a few things Ive done to it.

    Flanders drag bars
    custom grips
    end bar mirrors
    Oil pressure gauge

    Remote radar front and back with helmet led
    gps system
    Raptor shift light
    stem nut clock
    mini shield
    Clear engine cover's all the way around
    Barnet clutch conversion with carbon fiber clutch plates
    ufo lowered flamed stiched seat
    Belly pan
    Different side covers
    driving lights
    lots of custom billet work(break bar,breather covers,shift ,brake levers,master cyclinder cover's ect ect ect)
    custom alum. gauge cover
    gas shocks
    kiker dual exhaust
    avon 170 tire
    All bolts are either polished stainless or chrome button heads
    pc680 batterie
    v-boost switch (not sure if it dose anything)
    Gafler wave rotors mounted on back (have for the front but not on yet)
    custom spider web paint
    close to 200 leds thru out the bike ( red and purple)
    PLus a few more things
    Here's a few pic's of my 99 max. Still a lot more changes to come
    What ya think?
    some of the stuff ive done to her

    flanders drag bars
    Kuryakyn-chrome grips
    bar end mirrors
    rapter shift light
    oil presure gauge
    oil temp gauge
    Remote radar with front and back sensors with helment mounted led
    gps system with chrome mount
    yamaha small windshield
    yamaha sissy bar (only way the wife will ride)
    alum gauge cluster cover
    stem clock
    all gafler stainless lines
    front and rear gafler rotors (front not mounted yet)
    all clear engine covers all the way around
    Otec water elbow
    Otec final drive bolt
    barrnet clutch plate
    barnet carbon fiber clutch
    gas shocks
    ufo flame stiched starfighter seat
    leg gaurds
    custom made engine gaurds
    billet engine breather covers
    billet clutch and break levers
    billet reservor covers, billet brake bar-ect-ect-ect
    Right side mounted lic plate
    Belly pan and matching side covers
    kirker dual exhaust (polished and chrome)
    Driving lights
    v-boost switch
    Kuryankyn switch blade foot pegs
    around 200 leds well hid (Red and pruple)
    Exactrep-chrome vmax grill
    Exactrep vel stacks
    Hid head light-chrome head light visor
    mini turn singles
    115dbl daul horns (polished)
    pc680 batterie
    All bolts are either chrome button heads or polished stainless
    avon 170 tire
    custom spider web paint
    Plus there's quite a few more pieces not mentioned

    Have but on its way to Sean's soon for chroming
    braced and notched swing arm
    rear final drive
    Once I get this back will be going to 17-18 inch radail tires
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