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  • Sounds like the one I got from caption kyle it is a little bit of a bitch to install and you do need to cut the black trim peace near the scoop. I sold it to leecifer when you are installing it you can try and. PM us and we will put our thoughts togather and see if we can help you.
    Hey can you pm me! Looking into wide tire kit for my 88 max... Time to beef her up!
    Hey, I love your work. I was looking at your custom wheel. What I need done is an adapter for the VMax final drive to mate to a Harley wheel. Basically what you would do is the center piece you machined to my required depth. Can you give me a ball park price with shipping to zip code 46628 (South Bend, IN, US). Thanks!
    Saw your listing. How did you mount your lights? and where did you get them? Cheers, Sven.
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