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yankee in texas

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  • Danny,
    My new Maine Coon Kitten - Samson decided to send you my post BEFORE I had finished. He didn't even ask!!! Tuner said the tboost switch was a gimmick and if it was tuned properly I would miss it. Well he was right. The bike hauls ass!!! Gotta watch yourself now - she'll melt the tire when the boost kicks in shifting to second and if I play with it I could probably get it to squeel going into third. Kid's stuff I know but it's a good indicator of a good running bike. I showed Sean the print out with A/F numbers and he said " it was near perfect" and wanted to know exactly what I had done. I can send attachments easier to your regular email address if you'ld like to see them.

    FINIALLY !!! Got my bike back. New numbers 115.03hp 79.47tq @ 8600 rpm. Not bad
    for a bike with a factory pipe and box. ( 3/4" factory pipe mod with Stage 1 needles,springs/washers, air screws - 2.5 out with a 147.5 mains. I should of went with sean's kit for the advice he gave but with Tuners you let them tune and see the results before giving advice. He ended up disabling the T-BOOST ( Which I rarely used)
    He mentioned the vboost wasn't operating properly he fixed that x
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