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  • Started bike last night. Very loud, but sounds great. It looks like I will have having to replace the starter clutch, how long does it usually take. I planned on a jet kit being next but that might have to wait. Maybe I can shim the jets to get it to run alittle better prior to the jet kit since I am going to be paying for the new starter clutch.
    Ordered Drag exhaust today, and new seat Saturday. I might need some help with sync'ing the carbs. I plan on getting a muscle jet kit in the next couple of months.I also have solid mounts I will install when I do the exhaust....
    Donnie is a pleasure to deal with. I bought some Fancy Chrome Bits for like 50% of what he paid. He is always available to answer questions and is knowledgeable about the Maxx in general.

    I bought the Progressive 440 shocks you2low sold and I wanted to give him some good feedback on the transaction. The items were as described, shipping was prompt, and communication was very good.

    Happy to to business with him again, and I recommend him as an honest man to do business with.
    2 Low.

    I sent you a PM regarding the Rims/Tire/swing arm. I'm still interested if there available.
    Please contact me:
    leejross_ @hotmail.com
    I was looking on craigslist today. Thought I ran into your bike. Are you trying to sell it to buy a Gen 2 ?
    Hi Low,
    Interested in a price for the polished valve covers and / or trade for any stock /after - market v-max parts you may need.
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