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    Clutch Resovoir cover

    Hi, Has anyone had an issue w/ the cover as in the Phillips head is rounded or the allen key screw is rounded? Anyone ever drill it out then tap a new thread in the hole? Thanks from Polk City
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    Best mod you ever did?

    highlighting and wider handlebars (by about 2")
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    Is there an AC delco, ford,,,etc thermostat that will replace the vmx's w/o the yamaha price?
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    How Fast

    only 140 going to work in Sarasota on the RF900. ....where it opens up s of sun city...on i -75
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    Zephyrhills music and motorcycles

    I live 25 mi away......saw something go by leaving a vapor trail,,,,,mustve been that vmx.
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    Anyone have one for a '94?
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    Spring is coming, who's ready?

    Leesburg anyone?? Will there be a VMAX corner??
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    I wanted to get one also,,,,'bout 10yrs ago.
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    Ever use a "Ninja" jack on a vmax ?

    it works on my victory...haven't tried yet on the max
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    Easiest way to put it on the center stand

    Some previous owner took the CS off to shed pounds so they can break the 20 sec barrier in the 1/4 mi.
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    Gas Cap Refurb 4 U Anal types

    The person that invents a keyless cap will be wealthy indeed. Why can't they use a cap like that from an auto or similar. I think someone would be more inclined to steal the seat as opposed to the gas.
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    Exhaust diarrhea

    are you using Mexican gas??
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    Which side gets hotter faster?

    """"""""""Best tools I found for removing plugs are in the tool kit under the rear seat section."""""""""" ....not all used bikes come w/ tools....
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    WOLO horn friend brought into a RUSH concert,hold your fire tour, a radio shack spl meter,,,they had speakers all around, sounded great & the spl was about 90db.
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    Which side gets hotter faster?

    It seems like the front 2 cyl. get hotter faster than the rear 2. Is this normal?? I 1st thought I bought a dud bike, not knowing about v4's, and possibly the sound was a bored out muffler as opposed to running on 2 cyl. I checked the spark and the coils were producing, a nice ticking spark on...
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    What is the best way to winterize the V-max

    Send it to Fl. I'll ride it. :)
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    New York & gun control

    I just saw the movie "1984"'s heading that way.
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    Murdered my 85- give your honest opinions

    Do you do the "air intake" cover also?? that's a good separator color between the dark top & dark bottom.....i may do my side covers in white since the fenders/"tank" are blue....go R1