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    Front End Born Again!

    I am intersted in the spacers. Willing to buy a set. WLKIKO
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    Site is VERY slow loading!!!

    This site is to slow. It takes for ever to load a page. Why?
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    OK, let's run 'em

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    who bought their vmax new?

    I bought my new august 2003. 2003, 0 miles VMAX. Now it has 10,569 miles.
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    making a living

    I'am a flight instructor. Had a flight school for 22 years. Now retired, still teaching part time to keep my proficiency. I love fliying.
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    What is your job title

    I am a retired flight instructor. I still do it part time.
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    How long have you had yours ?

    4 years and 10 months 9,500 miles. :eusa_dance:
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    Vmax owners age?

    I am 58 and have put 9845 miles to my 2003 vmax.