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  1. Montana vmax

    handlebar thread

    Hi all, I've been searching for a handlebar thread that I thought had several different styles bends etc. with measurements. Does anyone know where this might be if it indeed exists?
  2. Montana vmax

    Concealed carry

    Hi all, I'm guessing some of you carry a firearm while you ride. I am looking for holster recommendations. Any info is welcome, thank you.
  3. Montana vmax

    Muscle seat

    Muscle seat arrived! It looks awesome, thanks to Sean and his crew. Very nicely done!
  4. Montana vmax

    Rear grab rail

    Gen 1 grab rail for sale.. couple scratches 75$ is shipping n pp fees
  5. Montana vmax

    A worthy harley?

    Whattaya think? I would ride one.
  6. Montana vmax

    New paint

    Just wanted to say how happy I am with the new paint from Captain Kyle! Great guy and reasonably priced for sure.
  7. Montana vmax

    97 vmax
  8. Montana vmax

    Who does custom paint?

    Hey all, I am rounding up an extra set of fenders faux cover and such to get a nice paint job on them. just looking for recommendations on a paint shop or guy. thanks Scott
  9. Montana vmax

    2020 kawaski Z H2

    Omg, has anyone else seen this? What are your thoughts? I think I want one.
  10. Montana vmax

    burning a little oil

    Hey all, I rode my 04 max for a bit over 500 miles this weekend and noticed my oil was bit low. I added probably 6-8 oz. I was riding 80-90 mph+ for about 400 mi is this normal? Doesn't seem to smoke or anything. any input is appreciated, thanks.
  11. Montana vmax

    Removing scratches from scoops

    Hey everyone, I'm sure I'm not the only one that has a scratch in their scoop. What do y'all do?
  12. Montana vmax

    starter issue

    Hello all, I have an 04 max that I thought was making the starter clutch noise. I took it to Yamaha shop and tech couldn't replicate noise. I told them about the starter clutch issue the pulled it and inspected and said it was fine. reassembled and the noise remains. The tech heard it this time...
  13. Montana vmax

    96 stock exhaust on 04

    Hello All, I have an 04 with the cobra pipes on it. Came that way, but I read on here that they actually drop power. I picked up a stock one for 20 bucks. Would it be worth my time to switch it back? Does a 96 exhaust fit an 04? Any thoughts/advice appreciated. Thanks
  14. Montana vmax

    Cobra slip ons with center stand

    I recently purchased an 04 max with the cobra pipe on it, and still has the center stand. I have been reading that this is possibly unsafe. Does anyone have any more info? Thanks
  15. Montana vmax

    Starter noise

    Hi all, just recently acquired an 04 max. It makes occasional rattling noise and doesn't engage starter. Happens every 10 starts or so. It had starter clutch bolts replaced at dealer a hundred or so miles before I got it. But it sat for a couple years. Any advise?