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  1. Montana vmax

    What did you do to your Vmax today? Part 2

    Phil Thatcher from the vmax club canada on FB. I have his info you are interested.
  2. Montana vmax

    What did you do to your Vmax today? Part 2

    I just installed an LED headlamp from Phil Thatcher, so far so good. I just did it last week and it is at shop for valve adjustment so I haven't actually ridden in the dark.
  3. Montana vmax

    Need a opinion and advise on the aftermarket exhaust I have in mind for my 2004 V-MAX.

    there is a new in box voodoo exhaust on the for sale . seems 1/2 priceish Quadzilla exhaust system for sale
  4. Montana vmax

    santas venture spotted.

    Very nice ride. Is v-boost unique to the max?
  5. Montana vmax

    Never saw a Yamaha ride like this I bet

    That is best looking trike ever.
  6. Montana vmax

    FREE just pay for shipping, OE Gen 1 Handlebars.

    I also have a set of stock bars I would give away plus shipping.
  7. Montana vmax

    covid vaccine

    Do the Morley fix, you won't regret it. I used one as I had a mechanic change it and didn't want to have to worry about it again. 8000 miles on mine so far , zero issues.
  8. Montana vmax

    OEM Yamaha mini III windshield with mounts brand new

    I believe some Texas areas are 85. We had "reasonable and prudent " for a while, but it was a bit too open for interpretation.
  9. Montana vmax

    covid vaccine

    I recently had parts go from Billings to Bozeman and back three time before delivery. USPS
  10. Montana vmax

    OEM Yamaha mini III windshield with mounts brand new

    The givi makes a huge difference, I live in Montana where the speed limit is 80. At 80 it helps a lot. It is also stable at 125+.
  11. Montana vmax

    Difference between aftermarket exhausts

    I am thinking at 739 each they better add some ponies, holy crap! Thats more than half the cost of my bike.
  12. Montana vmax

    Difference between aftermarket exhausts

    There is a half price full voodoo exhaust on here posted last week.
  13. Montana vmax

    Starter kicking out

    I did the HD conversion from Sean, 9000 miles on, it so far 0 issues.
  14. Montana vmax

    Drilled out stock exhaust

    I did it. six holes per side, a bit louder. If you dont like it, you can tap it and plug it back up w small bolts. Suits me.
  15. Montana vmax

    Cycle World stops printing

    Also an Egan and Cameron fan, didn't start reading it until the 80s however. 72 vintage here.
  16. Montana vmax

    Personal best

    I frequently read your posts, you should be writing for cycle world. Always informative and well written and appreciated.
  17. Montana vmax

    handlebar thread

    thanks mate.
  18. Montana vmax

    handlebar thread

    Hi all, I've been searching for a handlebar thread that I thought had several different styles bends etc. with measurements. Does anyone know where this might be if it indeed exists?
  19. Montana vmax

    Muscle seat

    The motor is entirely stock, I have not done nothing to it but wipe it down.
  20. Montana vmax

    Muscle seat

    I don't recall, it wasn't bad though. I will say worth every penny after my 500 weekend ride!