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    thanks everyone

    well i hated to do it but got rid of my max the other day. but adleast i know it went to a good home . i allways loved the look of the bike but it just didnt fit me. and couldnt see keeping it anymore my legs were to scrunched up it cooked me with the cooler rad fan switch and the fact i had...
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    rear sets

    has anyone ever tried these. wrs rearsets trying to move my legs back a bit has a sport max seat wich makes it even closer to the stock 5 ft 9 when my feet are down the footpegs hit me right in the ankles. and there is somthing about the square...
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    k&n filter question

    i have a k@n in filter in my airbox question is the rubber knub that fits into the slot in front of the filter there is a little peice of spunge rubber almost looks like its for a breather but looking inside the filter there is no hole just an out dent in the rubber the nub is hollow . is that...
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    easiest way to check v boost

    whats the easiest way to check v boost? i noticed today when i turn the key on you can usually hear the v boost making its clicking noise for about 5 sec .today it just went click click the exhaust sounds differant at slow speeds smells a bit rich when your in traffic kinda bucks when you roll...
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    polished or painted

    trying to get some opinions. side covers that say v max are painted black would they look better painted or polished? .next winter im planning to polish the wheels also .
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    99 dyno

    just bought a 99 kerker stage 1 10k miles former owner took the bike to tnt performance dyno in tn not sure what size jets but played with the baffles . from what he told me . i guess its true they thought enough of the bike to put it on there web sight 124.4 83.5 after 42 runs. bike runs great