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  1. rattheroach


    Anyone from the UK got a speedo kicking around? desperate
  2. rattheroach

    yet another clutch question

    hi guys, im hoping somebody can help. recently i have had to pull the clutch lever all the way back to the bars to disengage. when stationary i cannot get neutral without switching the engine off and rocking the bike back and forth. i have recently replaced the clutch plates but it happened...
  3. rattheroach

    lost gears

    Help!!! i was outlast night on my beloved Max and all was running well. I pulled up at a set of lights and popped her into neutral as usual. The lights changed to green so I pullled in the clutch only to find I had no gears, the lever was just moving with no resistance. Eventually she went into...
  4. rattheroach


    What The Fuck? And Why?
  5. rattheroach

    V Boost or slipping clutch?

    Ive had my max for about 6 months and really love it. I was hoping some of you guys could reassure me about a worry i have. When im in top gear and hit 6000rpm the V boost starts to kick in, but before any noticable increase in speed the revs rise to around 9000rpm for a second then drop to...
  6. rattheroach

    as requested NSFW

  7. rattheroach

    new owner

    any one help me? just got my first max and the battery is flat. can anyone tell this thicko how to get to it!!!! i feel such an idiot:bang head:
  8. rattheroach


    :ummm: :stickyman:just bought my first vmax but i find the bars uncomfortable. can anyone tell me if i can just fit some renthals or drag bars without having to extend everything