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    Clutch Resovoir cover

    Hi, Has anyone had an issue w/ the cover as in the Phillips head is rounded or the allen key screw is rounded? Anyone ever drill it out then tap a new thread in the hole? Thanks from Polk City
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    Is there an AC delco, ford,,,etc thermostat that will replace the vmx's w/o the yamaha price?
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    Ever use a "Ninja" jack on a vmax ?

    it works on my victory...haven't tried yet on the max
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    Which side gets hotter faster?

    It seems like the front 2 cyl. get hotter faster than the rear 2. Is this normal?? I 1st thought I bought a dud bike, not knowing about v4's, and possibly the sound was a bored out muffler as opposed to running on 2 cyl. I checked the spark and the coils were producing, a nice ticking spark on...
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    STOck Exhaust

    the V i just bought has stock exhaust. A former owner drilled out the rivets and did something , remove/drill out baffles., and then reriveted it to look stock. It's cool for the 1st mi but after going out for 50 ....I don't wanna hear it coming back and would prefer to bring it to stock...
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    Will a basic old one from a Suz, KAW.Honda (Example.. work.?? ...outside of mounting issues,,,,the lil 1/2 dollar one that came w/ my 94 is kinda feeble... thanks
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    temp sending unit

    Anyone have a problem w/ this? I just bought a '94 w/ 16k mi...@ 1st the tach was sticking....then on my ride home I noticed the temp needle never moved...maybe it's the electrical connections..will do an ohm test as per clymer book.