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  1. balderon

    Carburetor idle circuit cleaning

    I am the original owner and very pleased with the my '85, only 54k miles! :thumbs up: I have just started looking for any safety critical problems and I think I'll wait to replace the 'nice to have' parts until I have a complete assessment. Amazingly, much of the rubber pieces are in pretty good...
  2. balderon

    Carburetor idle circuit cleaning

    Over the weekend I discovered some small tears in a couple of my '85 diaphragms. Before I replace mine, have you had an opportunity to examine how well the repairs have held up over time? Thanks Jeff
  3. balderon

    Vmax Battery replacement 101

    Re: I Reckon I'm lookin fur a Batry I have had very good luck with the Odyssey PC680 battery. I don't ride my '85 all the time and wanted to ensure the battery was fully charged for those times I do ride. I decided to purchase the Odyssey Optimizer Charger (Xenotronix SX-90-1). When I return...
  4. balderon

    Speedo differences between A0/A1

    Help: Speedo differences between A0/A1? Does anyone know the differences between the 85-92 speedo 1FK-83570-A0-00 and 93-01 1FK-83570-A1-00? I have '85 and was wondering what effects, if any, would be seen if I replaced with the A1 version. I appreciate any insight anyone would like to share...