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    Carb settings running rich

    lads i know this has been asked loads of times before but my 95 max is running rich very rich :bang head: I have a K & N fillter and supertrap slip ons any one know what needle sizes and setting i should be running just to get me some way close
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    R1 master cylinder ???

    i got a set of R1 calipers & master cylinder :punk: my question is how have people mounted the R1 master cylinder resivour :hmmm:
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    R1 calipers ???

    Have been reading trough the treads but cant find the answer to my question I have just got a set of R1 calipers for the front of my 95 VMAX i know they will blot stright on but will the VMAX standard Master Cylinder work with these calipers :hmmm: