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  1. coffee_brake

    Starter went "Kablooey!"

    I've never had a problem with cold starts. There is the occassional sticky hot start but I was gonna go through all that this winter. It's a '02 with 42k miles, 10k of which are mine starting last December. Last night the bike fired up just like always and I rode it around town without any...
  2. coffee_brake

    Troubleshooting Charging System

    My first thread seems to have bogged down, so here goes: My '02 is very hard to start when the engine is hot. Let is sit in the parking lot for 10 minutes or more and it's fine. But try to start it at, say, a long traffic light where you would normally turn the motor off and then the starter...
  3. coffee_brake

    I was checking the battery levels....

    Because it's been hot I thought it would be a good idea to check the levels in my standard-type battery. I know, I know, but the last battery left me stranded so I had to get what was available and that was this standard type battery. With my little clutch problem this week, the bike was VERY...
  4. coffee_brake

    It's a coup!

    My bikes are revolting against me! I have no car. I have three bikes, all with over 40k miles. A '92 CB750, a '02 Vmax, and a '05 Concours. The Concours has had overheating issues all month, finally sorted it all out and then it got a flat tire that I tried to plug three times but the hole...
  5. coffee_brake

    New ClipOns!

    I tried some 41mm clipons for my '02, I loved the way they felt and looked but I couldn't use mirrors, not even bar end mirrors, and the extra weight on the front end resulted in nasty handling. Combined with the rearsets, it had a drag-bike feel to it. Budget is key. I got a good deal on...
  6. coffee_brake

    What causes glazing on rotors/pads?

    After 18 months of owning my '02, I like the bike but the brakes are scary bad. Honestly, when folks pull out in front of me in traffic, I can't get the bike to stop. My little Nighthawk 750 with the drum in the back and a single disc up front stops ten times better! I'm never scared of traffic...
  7. coffee_brake

    dated brake lines

    I know the stock rubber lines are supposed to be stamped with the year of manufacture. Is this true of braided stainless lines? What is the useable life of braided lines, if one assumes that 10 years is the life of the stock rubber lines?
  8. coffee_brake

    What size are the threads on the banjo bolts?

    Is it 10mm x 1.25, or is it 10mm x 1.00. Or something different?
  9. coffee_brake

    WHY the FJR1300?

    Seems a lot of master cylinders have a 14mm bore. Why is the FJR1300 the replacement of choice? Would any master cylinder with a 14mm bore offer the same braking improvement? Like this one?
  10. coffee_brake

    The Saga of "Fits Me" (rant)

    I can't get this bike to fit me. I'm undecided between hiring a welder and selling it. The mods I need would likely be more than I have to spend. I traded my Harley FXDX for this Vmax; I definately traded up. The Dyna, the most sporting model in the Harley lineup, was not only slow, but also I...
  11. coffee_brake

    Is VMOA organizing anything at Daytona?

    ...And is anyone planning on meeting up at Bike Week? I'm making plans to go; last year Boxenstopp had a shindig at his shop. Is he doing the same this year?
  12. coffee_brake

    International Motorcycle Show in D.C.

    Anybody going to the show coming up in the D.C. area? I worked as a volunteer at the show while it was in Greenville SC this weekend. I thought it was well worth admission (although as a volunteer I got in free). My dumbass rode the Concours up three hours from...
  13. coffee_brake


    I got this set of clip-ons on Ebay that I think will fit the Vmax. They are used, wrecked, rashed and ugly, and I only paid ten bucks for them, but I'm on a serious budget anyway. The threads are all good and the bars are straight with a little rubbed off the ends, but there aren't any cracks or...
  14. coffee_brake

    Pink Vmax!

    Finally, got the paint done and installed the set. Just in time for my Halloween ride. It's not a fantastic job but it's not cruddy either. If I had more cash I would have done it all over, but I made the best of what I had. This was Nason brand color and clear and I don't think I'll use it...
  15. coffee_brake

    dumbass question for R6 pads

    Now that the pads on the stock front calipers are worn out, I will finally install the R6 calipers I got months and months ago. The R6 calipers did not come with pads. When I buy pads for them, do I buy one set or two? That's a really stupid question I know, but I don't have the old pads...
  16. coffee_brake

    I fixed hubby's bike!

    My best friend and riding partner is my husband David. We argue plenty but he's a keeper overall: a fine rider, good character, and faithful as an old hound dog. When we were just married in active duty Army and living in what amounted to a chicken shack, each with one po-dunk old cruiser and...
  17. coffee_brake

    Biffed mine too....

    I'm not a speed junkie, a squid, or a newbie. I wear good gear and practice my skills regularly. I'm not an expert rider with decades of experience, but I consider myself a profficient rider dedicated to common sense riding. So I biffed for the first time on the Vmax, on the way to Deal's Gap...
  18. coffee_brake

    Old Skool Battery

    Battery has been "iffy" lately, and yesterday it pooped out on me. I don't have time to wait to order a battery to get to the Deal's Gap gathering this weekend, I just bought an old-fashioned, have-to-maintain-it battery (that I could afford). This one is funny. They all bubble when you put...
  19. coffee_brake

    Dropped the Vmax...

    ...on the clay hill outside the shop, trying to move the bike out of the rain. I finally got to see if I could pick it up myself (I can, even though it fell on an incline so I had to lift it from downhill), and nothing's really hurt except my sunglasses are full of red Georgia clay now. Damn...
  20. coffee_brake

    FZ1 Front End?

    Have a line on a wrecked bike, FZ1 from about 2006, this one was thrown sideways onto a fire hydrant :ummm: , big 'ole hole in the right case but the front end is straight. Will it work on the Vmax? This, after all the hullabaloo with the Progressives....