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    Hi,i'm still dithering about buying a Vmax.The main problem is I can't get to ride one. I keep reading comments about the not so good handling of the Max,& because I can't ride one I have no point of reference. I'm old always ride 2-up,& i'm definatley not Rossi,so R1 type handling's not a...
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    Servicing Requirements

    Hi,after my post on 2up(riding)I'm now serious about a V-Max.Can anyone tell me the servicing schedule,& approximate costs for an 03' or later Max In the USA.I'm going to look around for as late a year as possible. Morgan.
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    2 up(as in passenger)suitability

    Hi,first post,so be kind.Would a V-Max,last of the Ist Gen,make a decent bike for 2 up riding (nearly all the time),average 250miles a day. Morgan.