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    Diaphram clucking noise

    Not sure about the type of sound, but my exhaust leaks a bit when cold and then stops when it warms up. I can usually hear it on the right rear.
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    How many "Used" miles is to many?

    I would suggest getting a bike that has the accessories you are interested in. Things like pipes, windshields, seats, or whatever you may like. Finding a bike with some of the accessories you like will probably save you some money in the end.:thumbs up:
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    I broke down today!

    If you go to Sears get a commpression tester as well, take out all of the plugs and test your cylinders compression, they should be within about 4lbs of each other. This will tell you if you have internal problems. Just a thought but wouldn't the engine run smoother at idle on the front two...
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    electrical help needed!!!!

    I would check the connections and relays that you might have moved to replace the battery. Your problem could easily be a loose connector or relay (easy fix if you can find it). Try wiggling suspect connections with the key on and see it your console lights come on.:hmmm:
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    Putting the mighty V4 back together...

    I always follow three rules when working with internals of engines and transmitions. 1. Keep it Clean! 2. Keep it Clean!! 3. Keep it Clean!!!