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    Just Picked up my Vmax!!

    Badin Lake is about 35 minutes south of Salisbury. It is on the edge of the Uwharrie national forest. There are a lot of great roads around here. I plan to rediscover each and every one! There is a great ride around the south side of the lake, through Uhwarrie national forest over to...
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    Just Picked up my Vmax!!

    I honestly hadn't thought about the back seat yet. I doubt my wife will try it until the weather breaks 70 degrees. I have no doubt that it will be much more comfortable than my 98 Vmax for her. The suspension is radically better; however, unless we are going on short trips, she'll...
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    Just Picked up my Vmax!!

    We were both sportin chubbies. I think the Vmax has that effect!:punk:
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    Just Picked up my Vmax!!

    Sorry about that. I didn't mean to start the topic and run, but it was the weekend and there was some riding to do! The Vmax is better looking in person than in the magazines! The bike is simply amazing. Although I am sure the limits are not nearly as high, but the handing feels similar to...
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    Just Picked up my Vmax!!

    I live on Badin Lake. It is an hour north east of Charlotte / Hour south of Winston-Salem.
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    Just Picked up my Vmax!!

    I picked up my Vmax today! It is amazing, amazing, amazing!
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    New max

    My dealer called me a couple weeks ago to let me know it would not arrive in November. He is expecting early December! I thought he was calling to tell me it had arrived!!!! Damn! I'm freakin'!
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    How Much $ For The New 2009 Vmax?

    I paid 16.9K out the door as well including tax, delivery, etc. I put down a 1K deposit on 6/9. I spoke to my dealer last week and he expects it to arrive in December. He thought it would arrive in November, but was told that Yamaha had a delay.
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    So, let's hear your delivery dates

    I spoke to my dealer today. Mine is due to arrive in November 2008. SWEET!