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    Corroded coolant pipe

    My mechanic was replacing the valve cover gaskets due to oil leaks and came across this corroded pipe that attaches to the hose from the water pump I believe. Can this be replaced as I cant find the part in the Ronny Microfiche. I have already replaced the radiator and it was a mess. What...
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    Oil Mist/leak

    When I ride the bike, I will have a coating of oil mist on my left pant leg. I do not think its from the crankcase vent as thats on the right side and has a filter element. On the left rear cylinder, there is oil covering the top of the cylinder and down the rear side. I cant seem to where...
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    Check the simple things.

    I have been having fuel issues for some time. First the bike would die when I hit around 150 kph. But would almost immediately start up again. A month later, the bike died on the way to work, a short 5 km ride at slow speeds. I would coast over, and cycle the reserve and pump would refill the...
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    Headlight wiring

    I will be installing this vrod led headlight. I just want to confirm. Per the pic, the low beam and high beam are two separate connectors, so I will be cutting those. So I should just connect the VMAX green wire to the low beam red and the VMAX yellow wire to the high beam red and then attach...
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    Fuel issues

    Ok, still trying to sort out the carb or fuel pump issue. When I turn the ignition on, the fuel pump clicks and primes and fills the fuel bowl in the carb. Bike starts and runs well until the fuel bowl is empty. The fuel pump does not send fuel to carb while motor is running. After bike dies...
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    Bike dying.

    For a while, my bike would just die while riding. Would pull over to side of road, wait a minute and would start up again and go on without any problems. Then the last two outings, it got worse and would die after going a few kms. I adjusted the carbs, floats, needles and jets based on...
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    Temp gauge doesnt work

    Any ideas where to start looking? Not sure if gauge in cluster is bad or some sensor somewhere. I am always overheating so need to know the temps. Or can I hook up another temp gauge?
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    Dyna 3000 curves

    I have a supercharged VMAX and have been having heat issues. Also for the first time at WOT, bike actually died and after rolling in neutral, will start right back up via bump start. After some research, the issue may have been that the blown engine ignition needed to be retarded a bit. Since...
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    Kink in fuel line

    Anyone have success in using a normal (nonOEM) fuel line for part from tank to fuel filter? My bike would start and then die straight away. I noticed a kink in the hose, since I am not using the stock that has the u shaped bend. It has lasted a little over a year, but not sure how the kink...
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    what size brake pads?

    I bought these Sumitomo 6 piston calipers off eBay in Japan. The lister only put "YAMAHA YZF750SP SUMITOMO 6POT 100mm Front Caliper Set XJR1200 XJR1300 FZR1000 ss" as the subject and no other description. The company pretty much buys bikes, and resales parts and I doubt I can get further info...
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    Annoying squeak.

    Really sounds high pitched, a bit like when rubber is rubbing metal so thought it was cause I installed a tire that is hitting the swing arm. Can be heard while just pushing the bike and increases in pitch with speed. After recentering and riding a bit, there are no wear marks on tire and...
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    Radial tire pressure

    I have replaced the bias ply with Shinko radial on the rear. The tire says pressure is 42psi. For those on radials, is that right as I am used to running mid 30s on bias ply.
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    New master cylinder

    Finally gave up trying to unclog the little hole. Found this master cylinder called Nissan off of webike Japan. Cost was about $100 as it was on sale and yen is weak. Anyway, bolted right up and did the reverse bleed and it pressurized real easy. Only downside is that it doesn't have the...
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    Brake master cylinder issues

    Last week, I changed to sumitomo 6 pot calipers and all was good. Today, I went ahead and swapped out oe brake lines to galfer lines, the 2 separate cables. I can't get any fluid to the master cylinder using the reverse bleed method. It feels like the banjo bolt at the master cylinder is...
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    Help on installing rear wheel.

    I am installing a 17" wheel , a welded up radial. It is pretty heavy. I can't seem to.get the wheel to engage with the pumpkin. Any advice as it's a bitch to move around. I got the thru but won't extend past the pumpkin as the gears won't align.
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    front brake lines

    I picked up some 6 pot FZR1000 Sumitomo Calipers. I will be changing to galfer steel braided lines. Which are better, going with original 3 line with splitter or 2 line? Which will be easier to bleed? Also, are HH pads the best for these calipers? Thanks, Don
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    Overheating issues

    When ever I ride over 90mph for over half an hour or so, the bike will overheat and coolant will boil over. I run a supercharger so not sure if that is adding a lot of heat. But had the same prob before as well. Outside temp is usually in the 90s. Runs well other than the over heating issues...
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    Exactrep selling 20.5 ltr tank

    Not sure if this has been posted before, but they are selling a new tank that looks like you dont have do too much modding to get the extra 5.5 ltrs. $550
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    Not sure if this site has been posted before, but I thought it used to be only Japanese only language. Anyway, has an English language site. Has some interesting stuff for the Vmax some made in Japan. With the weak yen, almost affordable.