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    Saddle bags = Muscle Tourer?

    Amazon special.
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    1st Gen V-Max 2005 Gen 1

    Bought it in March 2020 with corbin seat and suppertrapp. The attached pics are when i got it. addition of factory back rest, Bags i added, led lights, then hard bags.
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    Windshield and luggage rack

    Anyone ever check the fitment of the 6pack rack to see how close it is to fitting on a gen1
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    Shinko SR777 160/80-15 Rear Tubeless Tires for sale

    Sent pm shipping to 29526 Conway sc.
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    Not sure about this review (gen 2)

    That 5800-9000 rpm range always puts me in a good mood. Better then drugs or alcohol.
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    SOLD!!! - 2009 VMAX - $8500

    20 hours one way for me. wish it was closer
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    2011 venture

    What's it take to get it back to vmax power?
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    What did you do to your Vmax today? Part 2

    You got a link to where you got it from for the rest of us
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    R1 Gold Spot calipers

    sent ya an email
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    Are you a new member? Come here and say hi!

    Nope SC I was on vacation in st Augustine and panama city beach
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    Newbie question

    Yup and says the same thing.
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    Newbie question

    What fire-medic says about passenger. Once I fix d my clutch my back and shoulders hurt from my five beating me from doing a wheelie. Totally not intended just wanted to put an victory in its place.
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    Are you a new member? Come here and say hi!

    i was looking at that one we could not come to an agreement on price.
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    Can anyone tell me if this is right

    Hello from Conway. This week should be good for riding.
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    Gen 1 scoop lights

    Cheap on amazon
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    Gen 1 scoop lights

    Led light strip
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    The End

    Always been a Redskins fan thou