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  1. maxmanic


    Hi I've been trying to take my speedo apart to change the meter face which has some corrosion on it. Is there a particular way to do this other than smashing the damn thing apart?? I've removed the chrome cover(bottom) but the part with the glass is a biatch to remove !! Hellp.....anyone with...
  2. maxmanic

    Vmax BodyKit

    Hi Have the following for sale (scoops, undertray and side covers). If interested, drop me a private message, thanks. Items are unpainted in FRP gel and are new. Cheers :eusa_dance: *SOLD
  3. maxmanic

    Progressive set up

    I had progressive springs put in my forks the handling is much better but there seems to be a thunk everytime I hit a bump. The mech says the springs are too hard and it warps and hits the side of the fork. Is this correct or did he just install them wrongly?? Or could the piping be too short...