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  1. RagingMain

    First Full Fairing Bike

    Hey Guys The FJR is my first bike with fairings and I have owned quite a few. Anyways I was hoping you all could recommend something to help protect the paint from the inevitable stone chips and shit. I have been looking around but not sure. Plus I trust everyone on here to steer me in right...
  2. RagingMain

    !!!!Pulled the Trigger!!!!

    2008 FJR AE, 13 miles when delivered. Bike is pretty damn fast. Not used to the windscreen yet. Keeping the Max
  3. RagingMain

    2008 fjr ae

    Looking at one What do you guys think???:ummm:
  4. RagingMain

    Oil Cooler Mounting

    Hello All I am hoping you could help me determine the best place to mount an oil cooler. I have checked out the pics on Exactrep and it seems the best place but they have a different exhaust in the pic and it seems everywhere I have mocked it up it is awfully close to the front tire. Thanks...
  5. RagingMain

    Water Pump Mechanical Seal?????

    This thing is being an absolute BITCH coming out. Any suggestions. It is already destroyed. The bearing is out and the seal underneath is out. Just cant get the housing out. :bang head::bang head::bang head:
  6. RagingMain

    !!!!Need Some Serious Help!!!!

    My ignitor shit the bed on my 86 my parts bike is a 90, they wont match. I am looking for a dyna 3000 for my 86. Dyna doesnt make anymore and need to see if anyone out there might have one or a line on where I can get one. All help and tips are greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance
  7. RagingMain

    ???Blown Head Gasket???

    I have been having overheating problems for a while now and am starting to suspect a blown head gasket. Symptoms 1. Old Radiator Cap lifts too soon and lifts when under throttle with temps as low as 180* 2. Replaced with new radiator cap and still lifted early, 200*, and under throttle a...
  8. RagingMain

    2006 Victory Hammer

    The dealer I frequent has had this bike sitting at his showroom for 4 years now. Wondering if any of you have any experience with this model bike???
  9. RagingMain

    Good Day Yesterday

    Dave, Vmax626, came over and we had a mini carb rebuild day for his bike. Found a couple of things wrong with his carbs, nothing major. Changed out his pilots to 42.5s plus he had the wrong style jets in the first place Replaced all his mains with 162.5s Reset all his floats, they were all a...
  10. RagingMain

    Taking the Plunge

    Finally proposed to my girl friend of two years. It was at the Charity Event for her son. She had no idea it was coming Wedding is in Aug. Doing it when my kids are out for the summer. We are keeping it low key, just a few friends and family. Times are tough. Will post up some pics from...
  11. RagingMain

    How to increase RPM without damaging engine

    I have some ideas but I was wondering what you guys think. Reason being is power. Since HP= Torque x RPM/5252 we can see by making it go faster we can get more power, especially for racing. Our bikes make a lot of torque comparitively so lets say we were to get the RPM up to 12000 and I know...
  12. RagingMain

    Old Wives Tale or is there some truth???

    Side gapping and indexing of spark plugs??? :confused2: Read some stuff on the interweb, never done it my self. Wondering if anyones had any experience either on our bikes or other engines.
  13. RagingMain

    Dual Radiator Fans???

    Yes I might get in trouble for posting this twice but.... Anyways I was thinking of mounting 2 5" radiator fans instead of the OEM. The OEM is only 6". It would cover more of the core. Reason I am considering is much of my commute is through traffic at slow speeds. Here is a link to the...
  14. RagingMain

    Sometimes I wonder...

    How I made it this far in life. Last week my R/R took a crap on me during a ride. Vmax626 needed the elbow piece I have for his oil gauge so I took it off to give it to him. Well I forgot I took it off...and I didnt put the other plug back in. I wired up another R/R today and fired up the...
  15. RagingMain

    Hey Prezmek, R U Ok over there???

    Just wondering if you are ok Not sure what part of Poland you are in??? Hope all is well
  16. RagingMain

    Custom Gauge Set Up

    Well you guys. I couldnt very well add a fuel gauge and have it stay on my handlebars and I didnt want to mount it up by the speedometer so.... I made a custom gauge mount to fit the OEM dash. Still a work in progress but here are some pics. I used a 1/8" piece of scrap aluminum that was...
  17. RagingMain

    The ULTIMATE set of Gauges

    This is way freaking cool Imagine this in the middle of your gauge pod Has all the...
  18. RagingMain

    Kawi Ninja 250 2005

    Hey Guys Any experience with one of these??? My son is coming out to live with me and I thought this would be a good starter bike for him. The one I am looking at only has 800 miles, so it will need the normal fluid change stuff. $1200 Any particular issues this bike might have??? Cheers
  19. RagingMain

    !!!Working fuel gauge, FOR REAL this time!!!

    Ok So I know I screwed the pooch on getting this to work last time but.... When first you dont succeed, try try try try try again. Here are some pics. Got it all sorted out, just need to get it installed and guess what???? Our OEM fuel sender for the light and the pump will STILL WORK. I am...
  20. RagingMain

    Custom Radiator Anyone???

    I am going to have a custom radiator built for my bike. Just wondering if anyone else wanted to get it on this as well. There is strength in numbers, lower prices. Not sure on the price yet but I am guessing $300-$500, but that is probably high. I am going to ship the guy an old radiator and...