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  1. vmaxinID

    Still rockin' the 99 steering bearing time.

    Still going! Just a little steering bearing replacement and we're gtg for 2019.
  2. vmaxinID

    Like new stock seat -SOLD-

    Taken off new and stored. Grey/black. 96 I think. $100 plus true shipping cost. Thx.
  3. vmaxinID

    Gas Block Barrel Dimpler Rent/borrow

    Looking to borrow/rent a "Gas Block Barrel Dimpler" for my: 18" rifle length gas, Shilen Ultramatch, .223 Wylde barrel. .750 I'll pay shipping and thank you.
  4. vmaxinID

    Meanwhile in Washington....

  5. vmaxinID

    Firefly runnin his mouth

    "Don't say to rick, he has ape hangers on his max & soft leather saddle bags, they should make him the president of VMOA instead of the guy that spent $50.000 on his max till his wife kicked him out & sued his ass. " creativerehab Not the kind of talk i expect from a fellow vmax...
  6. vmaxinID

    Salt Lake Ciy SBK, I got picked!!!

    Four of us are riding down for the FIM World Superbike Championship "SBK" in Salk Lake City for memorial weekend. Any of you gonna make it??? I got picked to race in the Kart race on Friday at 12noon...
  7. vmaxinID

    What ya'll doing for Haloween 2010??

    Just sayin' you're all invited.
  8. vmaxinID


  9. vmaxinID

    Don't race me bro.

    So I ride with my friends when we can. They ride: 09 Iron883 sportster, Stage I. 09 1200 custom ?? Dyna and heres the recent ones: 08 Vrod "NightRod" Stage I 09 Vrod "Muscle" Stage I Well, my bro and I swapped bikes for a stretch and I ended up on the 09 Muscle. Bike feels low and...
  10. vmaxinID

    All New Yamaha
  11. vmaxinID

    Shell Rotella changes its oil

    I have noticed that Shell Rotella T 5w-40, is now replaced with Shell Rotella T6 5w-40. discuss............
  12. vmaxinID

    Braggin' up my pops

    That's Lindsey Vonn and she's talking about my dad :)
  13. vmaxinID

    550 Miles in 48 Hours

    Thanks Rusty for motivating me to do this before it was too cold.
  14. vmaxinID

    Perfect suit for 09 owners!!!
  15. vmaxinID

    Calling all Idaho/Utah/Wyoming riders
  16. vmaxinID

    Salt Lake City Utah

    Ok I hope that has brought all of you UT people here:biglaugh: I will be down Thurs afternoon June 25th. Anyone want to meet up for a ride and some Sushi get ahold of me. Also avaliable Friday afternoon for a bit before the ride home. bye for now........
  17. vmaxinID

    a little advice please.

    So my Carrozzeria rotor bolts, are rusting. :( They sent me a new set of them to "coat" to prevent this from happening again. So, how should I stop them from rusting? will powdercoat chip when I torque them down? Will chrome on just the heads work? Thanks in advance for the...
  18. vmaxinID

    a short story road trip.

    So after Miller Motorsport was useless in getting me my volunteer info for the World Super Bike Championship. I had 4 days off and nowhere to go. So the lady and I went to Jackson Hole and partied with my friends up there in the Tetons. First Road Trip of 2009 Jackson Hole, Wyoming top...
  19. vmaxinID

    Utah WSB Round Needs Volunteers in SLC. . . In Return for Perks! Any of us in the Salt Lake City area plan on going/helping? The lady and I are seriously considering going down to help/watch. Free camping, free bfast, lunch, dinner, and more.........
  20. vmaxinID

    pictures of your non Stock Master cylinders

    Ok, Ok, Please post pictures of your non stock Clutch, Front Brake masters/levers. I would like to see some options, especially for no mirror applications. Thank you.