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  1. Neil-3446

    Gonna Inject It ;)

    It's been a few years since I last posted here. Gonna do the full injection mod during the next few weeks, and will keep you posted on the progress on my Gen 1. Promise I'm changing the color and will document the whole thing as best I can...
  2. Neil-3446

    2009 VMax Light Damage Auction

    Will be a nice buy it it stays around this price. I hope it is not the one from VA where the couple passed away. The damage looks too light to be a killer, more like a wheelie gone bad.
  3. Neil-3446

    Watch Out For This!!!

    Tires smokin, heard a big thump about 1 am. Looked out the window and saw a s-10 or something with one headlight turn around at the end of the driveway. I live almost 3/4 of a mile off the main road, m&d live about 1/4 mile ahead of us, and heard this. Dude came back and woke my m&d up...
  4. Neil-3446

    Hey Gang, WTF Is Going On???

    Just got back from an almost 2 week long Peruvian vacation! Flew the whole way back and forth with 4 stops in a friends G3!!! We had to stop in LV and take an empty charter bus to nearby Reno both ways. Had too much fun.... Many, many, many peruvian women need love. Some of the most...
  5. Neil-3446

    Caption This Picture!!!

    Just wondering what you guys would say about this? About 1/2 second shutter speed!
  6. Neil-3446

    I'm Addicted To The Late Night Knife Show!!!

    Am I Crazy??? Been watching the CC (Cutlery Corner) late night for years. Actually got addicted when they had segments on HSN a few years back. They are a Frost affiliate and sell things across several venues. Bought a few dealer specials for resale, but still have all the knives (over...
  7. Neil-3446

    VMax Vs. Pocket Bike Drag Video :clapping: Neil
  8. Neil-3446

    VMax Videos Posted (Barney Max)

    Hey Gang.... Finally have things about 98% of where they should be with Barney Max. BIG THANKS to Mark and Sean for helping me during the test and tweaking stages! Had some carb and ignition issues I was not quite happy with and things are finally lined out. I did a spirited romp today and...
  9. Neil-3446

    New Video Of Barney Max Posted!

    Hey Gang.... Wrong here: Neil
  10. Neil-3446

    What Color Is My VMax???

    Hey Gang... After much debate, the exact color name for my paint has still not been found! Some (Chris AKA 4Gasem) suggested that I actually get him finished and outside, so, the camera flash doesn't wash the color I did. Kloker has started calling him "Barney Purple", while Chris...
  11. Neil-3446

    Easier Fuel Injection For Vmax - Roadstercycles

    Basically use your cv carb bodies and insert injectors where the slides go with megasquirt electronics. No need to machine intakes and such, kind of trick and the numbers look impressive over vgas without tuning. Been looking...
  12. Neil-3446

    The Beast Is Unleashed...Finally!!!

    Doing several test trips checking out the front and rear. God awful beast with no ground clearance what so ever...I like it!!! 23 years ago I was just 19 and begged Charlie to sell this thing to me....he did after a's 900R Kawasucki dropped a valve with 2400 miles...
  13. Neil-3446

    Stock Guys...Please Do Me A Favor!!!

    Can some of you take pictures dead on front turning your bars stop to stop and post the pictures? Would like to see the results. Took Max out for a quick trip on the new USD front, and he feels like a Joe Martin bike in the turns. Thanks Neil
  14. Neil-3446

    CustomLed.Com's Led Flasher Relay

    Just messing around wiring up the lights and led's on Max tonight, and thought I would say this. I have some ultra-bright led front signals in combination with the Artfibras tail section lighting (low watt 194 style). The right would blink fast, and left would go crazy buzzing in epi seizure...
  15. Neil-3446

    Got The Royal Treatment Today ;)

    After bitching last week about knowing more information on the new release than dealers I had spoken to, got the call this morning. Drove 45 minutes and was treated to IHOP for breakfast ;) 1 1/2 hours later after tons of questions about what "I" knew on the final product...$5K exchanged...
  16. Neil-3446

    Where the hell have I been ???

    Finally done with the god awful USBC tour this year and ready to Max ;) What did I miss :confused2: Neil
  17. Neil-3446

    Just Got Back From The Motel 6 Dick Weber Open

    Hey Gang... High Game = 279 Shot several 8 & 9 baggers, but, this pattern was tough to be consistent on. They swear it's not the Cheetah, but, Brunswick supplied me with 2 brand new balls (Mammoth & A NOS Shock Zone Pro) and nothing would break in the swamp. Congrats to Scroggins for...
  18. Neil-3446

    Arcade Games??

    Dreamster... I'm not able to view your myspace profile yet. I've been collecting and dealing in arcade machines since the early 90's. You can check out to see part of our collection. I'm really big into pinball restoration. :cheers: Neil
  19. Neil-3446

    Started The Busa USD Swap Tonight

    Hey Gang... Just started the Busa USD swap a little while ago around 11 PM. Got the stock front off Max, have the USD triples installed, all the headlight stuff, and ready for the forks. More to come. :cheers: Neil
  20. Neil-3446

    Cheap Nitrogen Piggy Back Shocks On Ebay

    Anyone seen these??? Cheap enough for a test I think. :cheers: Neil