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  1. J

    Fuel pump FUBAR

    Thank you one2dmax.that makes sense. I will try that.
  2. J

    Fuel pump FUBAR

    I have been working on a full remodel on my 2002. Took the speedometer off as well as the other dial cluster and installed an aftermarket tach. Now I realized that the fuel pump only works when in the RES position and won’t supply fuel when in normal. the question here is WHY? Any ideas?
  3. J

    Consolidating odo, rpm, oil and lights

    It was a fluke. It works just fine. Got my new tach and installed it. I will post pictures soon Thank you for the reply
  4. J

    Consolidating odo, rpm, oil and lights

    I was wondering if anyone has ever taken all stock dials out and replaced it with an aftermarket single dial. I am working on a custom tank and the rpm display etc don’t really fit into the design. With them all unplugged, the bike won’t even turn on. Any ideas? Cheers
  5. J

    Pipes,jetting and air box mods good for only 10 HP ?

    Hi I am new to this site. I recently moved from OZ to Canada and just bought (today) my 3rd vmax. A 2002. I always had a Kerker 4-2-1 on the other bikes and really liked the sound and umpf..... Does anyone know where I can get one for not too much $$$? Thanks