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  1. one2dmax

    MANY Thanx to Sean Morley!

    LOL. No problem!
  2. one2dmax

    Brake calipers upgrade

    The Sintered type R1 pads are available for the Vmax. But, people in the past swapped the calipers out and got that pad upgrade and all of sudden it was the best thing they did. They could have done the same by simply changing to the better pads for their stock calipers. The real upgrades...
  3. one2dmax

    Brake calipers upgrade

    The standard mounting calipers like that are all the same. Different colored and even different type inserts were used depending on the model. The gold center use aluminum pistons with anti stick coating and are far smoother operating then the steel piston versions. Again remember these are not...
  4. one2dmax


    Wonder who's video?
  5. one2dmax

    Clean up tail light/signal area

    We're actually working on this as we speak!
  6. one2dmax

    V-Boost rpm shift?!

    Hard to say depending on if you were running on 3 and then the 4th cylinder kicked in. They run surprisingly well on 3 by the way.
  7. one2dmax

    Rememberance September 11, 2001

    The impacts of that day were felt by many in plenty of other ways. The loss of life for many and for me it was the loss of a job. I watch on a TV someone had at work that day knowing that I was looking at an impact to my future too. It was not very many months later that I was laid off which...
  8. one2dmax


    Yes. Silver is the stock color.
  9. one2dmax

    ISO oem shocks

    Sorry, email me at one2dmax@aol.com
  10. one2dmax

    R1 gold dot

    I have chromed them or we can freshly anodize the gold (along with other colors). I can't find the pics of the chromed inserts and can't remember what it took to get them back in (other then the threads are masked off). There are plain silver inserts from other models like the Warrior that can...
  11. one2dmax

    Who needs Mikuni carb's?

    Measure the throttle body openings. They appear to be 83-85 34mm Venture 1200 carbs with Vmax slide covers on them. The 35mm would be Vmax carbs. BUT, the choke lever that's mounted would be Vmax normally too. I question the bore size due to the machined lip flat width remaining on the castings.
  12. one2dmax

    ISO oem shocks

    I may have a reasonably nice set around here
  13. one2dmax

    Other Builds

    My 79 TA had the Pontiac 400 4-Speed. The Auto cars were 403's (and turds). Pretty much that way when they started putting olds motors in them (olds/auto and pont/manual). My 80 Indy pacecar was the Turdbo 301 and even more gutless but it looked cool. The 81 turdbo was hit hard and because a...
  14. one2dmax

    Buying a 85 vmax need a little advice

    What is so hard to believe about that? My 2009 has finally reached 1000 miles.
  15. one2dmax

    Installing grips

    We've sold Kury's to other customers? They are just tight and tough to install when dry for sure.
  16. one2dmax

    Air Box Mod

    You could simply cut out the back of the airbox or drill holes in it too. OR, the retainer would let you go back without having to buy another back of the airbox
  17. one2dmax

    Fuel tank removal for lowering link install

    Yes, along many other custom parts and lightening
  18. one2dmax

    VBoost all the time

    The vboost increases CFM giving similar results to having a variable venturi (about the best you can do with these carbs).
  19. one2dmax

    Is it possible to disable front directionals as running lights?!?

    Just unplug the blue wires inside the headlight bucket (for gen 1's anyway)