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  1. MaxMidnight

    No VIN on Vmax 1200

    3UF is a '98 Japanese market bike in Black
  2. MaxMidnight

    Valve cover leak

    Unless there is a good reason to check compressions then I would tend to agree that there is no point. From what you would be charged for doing this you could buy a compression tester and do it whenever you felt the urge. As for the oil leak then the simple question is 'Show me' and if they...
  3. MaxMidnight

    temp gauge not functioning

    Not sure which instrument is the pedometer - tachometer, speedometer? If you had a short then I would expect it to blow a fuse, is this the case? Whilst I've never come across an internal short you would be able to test for this by setting your multi-meter to ohms and putting one probe on the...
  4. MaxMidnight

    No power. Period

    That's what I would do first. Note that your charger must have a charging regime specifically for the AGM type of battery. A few other points: Read the instructions about installation and commissioning of the battery. Unless you have already done so you will need to check the charging rate to...
  5. MaxMidnight

    I am smart, I am smart, I am smart, I am smart, I am smart, I am smart, I am smart...

    Doesn't matter how many times you chant your mantra it doesn't make it true any more than chanting 'I am a tree,I am a tree,I am a tree' will turn you to wood.
  6. MaxMidnight

    Front Brake

    Check that the m/c piston is fully retracting and allowing fluid to return to the reservoir.
  7. MaxMidnight

    Upgrade front breaks

    298 mm discs from late FJ1200 (not ABS), Thunder Cat, Thunder Ace, R1, R6 , FJR1300, BT1100 Bulldog and TDM900 will also fit.
  8. MaxMidnight

    Where does this wire go?

    Not sure if it is the photo but it looks very big compared to what looks like what I assume is the fuel level sensor wiring and is nearly as big as the earth wire? If brown then that is a power feed so it should be possible to see what isn't working but I don't recall any that big. If it is...
  9. MaxMidnight

    Tires to old?

    What about the Scots, Welsh and Northern Irish? But seriously... In the UK there is no limit on the age of tyre provided it satisfies the following criteria: Tyres Tyres must be of suitable type and in good repair Tyres must be seated correctly in their rims Tyres must be fitted in...
  10. MaxMidnight

    Upgrade front breaks

    I think you mean brakes? Question answered here
  11. MaxMidnight

    EFI conversion on a Gen-1

    I don't pretend to be an expert on gas flow but wouldn't it be better to make it a continuous curve from gas entry to exit? Less likely to cause turbulence?
  12. MaxMidnight

    Upgrade front breaks

    Not wishing to sound obtuse bit it would depend on which 2 piston calipers and rotors you are referring to.
  13. MaxMidnight

    V Boost or slipping clutch?

    On a standard engine this shouldn't be necessary unless you habitually abuse the clutch. First step would be to measure the friction discs to see how near to the wear limit they are. Mine started slipping before they were at the minimum. An interesting is enlightening to know that...
  14. MaxMidnight

    No start when wet

    You write 'every single part I removed' so is that confirming that that the water shield is in place? Are you saying (or checked) that none of the plugs fire? As Mr P is suggesting you need to establish where the moisture is collecting. We can all guess but it would be no more than that. Some...
  15. MaxMidnight

    Run a pumpkin in reverse?

    Ah yes, thanks for pointing that out. However, unless you have a differential that operates 1:1 that would also lower the gearing. If you wanted to keep 1:1 as far as the diff then using three middle gears would do it but add additional weight and complexity. IMO an offset driveshaft would be a...
  16. MaxMidnight

    Run a pumpkin in reverse?

    From your diagram you are using two are using two final drives and a differential? The main problem, if I'm understanding correctly, is that each final drive will reduce the output speed of the motor by a ratio of 2.851:1. The second final drive will reduce this again by the same amount and...
  17. MaxMidnight

    no start no spark

    No, but you will loose a little so a drip tray underneath will be prudent. If you haven't taken the generator cover off before I've attached the starter clutch 'How to', the first part covers removing the generator casing.
  18. MaxMidnight

    Eeww that smell. Smoke at cylinder.

    You probably learn more by getting it wrong that by always getting it right. Keep plugging away and we are here to help if needed. :D :D
  19. MaxMidnight

    Starter motor

    The Service Manual has a comprehensive diagnostic flowchart so the quickest way to get an accurate diagnosis would be to have a look there (pages 443-4 refer)
  20. MaxMidnight

    Front caliper swap

    Well, if it's for look then there is only one way to go.... ...and they stop quite well.