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  1. vmaxcruzer

    Leaking diff.

    I replaced my rear diff oil with 100% Synth Redline brand and had a leak within a tank of gas. I pulled it apart, cleaned it out and ordered a new packing and the old one was soft and swelled out way bigger than the new. i think it had an effect on the rubber and caused the leak but who knows. I...
  2. vmaxcruzer

    Clear Cover Exchange Program

    Those are from Oberon and I LOVE THEM! You can swivel them to your liking and I haven't had any issues. They're made for the max so they fit well, both front and rear. Several colors to chose from also.
  3. vmaxcruzer

    Clear Cover Exchange Program

    Clear covers...
  4. vmaxcruzer

    How PAJ2/coasting enricheners work

    Damn Dan-o, im gonna be emailing you for carb advice before too long. Im a believer in a few elementary things when it comes to carbs, one is write every change down! Two, once you've found a close combo between the clip and mains you can have fun with the air jets and increase tuning...
  5. vmaxcruzer

    Final Drive oil..

    DO NOT use Redline brand in the diff, it will tater up your seal, it will leak, and you will cry. This is the voice of experience.
  6. vmaxcruzer

    Airbox cover-- To install or not to install

    I should have waited for the pic to load. I've tried both like some of you and I found keeping it in stock form with the middle rib under the Y filed down to smooth out the chamber helped the best. Then I shit canned it all and got Seans stage heaven!
  7. vmaxcruzer

    A Commemorative Post............?

    Main thing that aggravates me is im so far from the action. No tech day, no vmax rides, no knife fights in the know what I mean. Oh well, we'll get indoor water and electricity out here some day and others will follow out west. Till then I have this forum to keep me entertained.
  8. vmaxcruzer

    A Commemorative Post............?

    I don't know about you guys but im in the mood for a beer after reading this.
  9. vmaxcruzer

    pipe leading from front of carb to back of carb

    A bike garage did that? Wouldn't go back there again.
  10. vmaxcruzer

    Interesting development

    I also noticed that my speedometer goes backwards too. Work of a dark power? Hmmm Reminds me of a movie...
  11. vmaxcruzer

    Interesting development

    I noticed last night for the first time that my LED light for my fan over ride switch comes on ever so slightly at about 50 and gets brighter the faster you go. Never saw it before, obviously not in the day light. It appears that the fan being spun by air is illuminating the LED.
  12. vmaxcruzer


    The government uses it for training, passing info and keeping up with its employees thoughts and feelings. After the Army shrink incident they found he had made coments about his actions before doing them. Had they allowed FB It may have been prevented. Its a sneaky way for big brother to look in.
  13. vmaxcruzer

    Anyone ever repack their aftermarket muffler?

    If it has a perferated tube going down the center then yes. I like the Moose brand packing, it comes in long spaghetti like strings and works well but any bike packing will work. Cut to length, wrap around once and hold it with scotch tape and reinstall.
  14. vmaxcruzer

    Ricor shocks

    Might have to make a call and see if I can work a limited time group deal like the intiminators were back some time ago.
  15. vmaxcruzer

    Ricor shocks

    Anyone else get an email from Ricor showing off thier new rear shocks?
  16. vmaxcruzer

    Price to clean and sync carbs???

    From a local stealer? A lot! Better off doing it yourself, you'd learn what each part does so you can tune it after you reinstall. Sync is easy and shouldnt be much, maybe 1/4 of an hours wage. Lots of info with pics in here on how to take them apart. Several people on here that enjoy tearing...
  17. vmaxcruzer

    Stock Front brake master cyl rebuild

    Pull the old parts out slowly and take note of the order. Use Qtips to clean the corners and inside the cylinder well, blow out all lint before rebuild and make sure the snap ring is seated in the groove.