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  1. vmaxcruzer

    Interesting development

    I noticed last night for the first time that my LED light for my fan over ride switch comes on ever so slightly at about 50 and gets brighter the faster you go. Never saw it before, obviously not in the day light. It appears that the fan being spun by air is illuminating the LED.
  2. vmaxcruzer

    Ricor shocks

    Anyone else get an email from Ricor showing off thier new rear shocks?
  3. vmaxcruzer

    WOW what a deal!

    Hey everyone. Check out these 06 bar end weights.:rofl_200:
  4. vmaxcruzer

    Used drag bar

    Who wants a used chrome drag bar?
  5. vmaxcruzer

    Throttle tube measurements

    Would one of you fine gents please measure the length of the plastic throttle tube, end to end. I think mine has been cut down, if so I need to buy another. Thanks EDIT:I just searched the micro fiche and apparently you cant buy the throttle tube .
  6. vmaxcruzer

    Paint pens for tires

    Like some of you, I've used the paint pens to whiten the lettering on your tires. Its called Hot tires from Duplicolor. Its works ok, but I found a new paint pen that goes on way better and far less messier. I found it at Fastenal of all places, I was there for bolts and saw black and yellow on...
  7. vmaxcruzer

    Holy moly

    $130 for round stock? Plus $30 for shipping? AND I get to use my own tap? I better get two just in case.
  8. vmaxcruzer


    Not bad, close to Sean's price I think.
  9. vmaxcruzer

    Truly loooooosing my mind

    Ten more days before it gets back in the 60's. It better stay awhile this 'one nice day' every week is BS!
  10. vmaxcruzer


    Anyone on here going to Runamucca bike fest on the 27th-29th of May?
  11. vmaxcruzer

    Elliptical cans

    I don't see any Vmax's with elliptical cans anymore. Am I the last one?:confused2:
  12. vmaxcruzer

    Pre load

    Anyone ever pop the top on your forks and find a 3-4 inch pre-load exposure? I took the top off a buddys forks last night and BOOOING! Funny thing was that the oil level was WAY LOW. Factory springs with home made spacers. He's getting my old progressive springs. Some people have just enough...
  13. vmaxcruzer

    Burning rubber

    Experience has taught me a few things, and one of those things is that most worthwhile events that turn out good usually take prep. So, I'm gonna utilize the age of my rear tire and offer it to the Vmax Gods before I have to wait another 7K to try again. I don't want to be unprepared so, at...
  14. vmaxcruzer

    New skins

    Fella's, Im ordering a new rear tire today and I was wondering if the differences between the 190-50-17 and the 190-55-17 really makes that much of a deal. Why did they make a tire with a profile that close to the other? I could go either one and always wondered why it was created. I've got the-...
  15. vmaxcruzer


    I don't know how yet but im gonna ride my bike today. I've had it with moto PMS. Come snow, rain or low temps by God im riding! Sent from my DROID2
  16. vmaxcruzer

    Something neat to watch
  17. vmaxcruzer

    Rear shocks for sale
  18. vmaxcruzer

    WILD turkey

    I....*hik*...lo...looove you *hik* gu *hik* guys!
  19. vmaxcruzer

    Rear view no more.

    I'm thinking about mounting a 3.6" LCD display off of my bar connected to a small back-up camera mounted under the rear tail to replace my mirrors. I found a site that offers a good sweep view and night vision, the display "blacks" the sun or bright lights, the display can be seen in the...
  20. vmaxcruzer

    Mod monkey giveth.

    I've been out of town and away from the net for a few days, just wanted to pop in to let everyone know that my winning prize from last months mod contest came in the mail. A shiny set of billet red and rubber grips. I'll post pic's when I get them installed. Thanks again MM. Kenny