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  1. barber1303

    Replacement cylinder head advice needed

    I've had a significant setback in the restoration process for my '85 Vmax. I am in the process of rebuilding the engine (2nd gear fix) and I paid a friend with a powder coating business to strip the paint from the engine parts. Most came out well, but for unknown reasons (I have my...
  2. barber1303

    Ignitech TCI Capabilities

    I replaced my faulty stock 1988 TCI box with a "TCIP4 Full" Ignitech unit. The unit was pre-programmed at Ignitech to match the stock box performance. It looks like these things have some serious versatility. Question for the group...I'm planning to keep the bike in stock form...is there any...
  3. barber1303

    Piston Hole Identification - Reassembly

    I'm in the process of rebuilding the engine from my '85 (2nd gear repair). When I pulled the pistons/rods, I put them in individual bags with tags identifying which holes they came out of. Unfortunately, the residual rust protectant I had on them dissolved the ink I'd used on the tags. Stupid...
  4. barber1303

    Carb bowl vent tube supports - WTB

    Does anyone have a set of these they'd be willing to part with? If so I'd appreciate it if you could hit me up with price+shipping to 50643. Thanks, Chris
  5. barber1303

    OEM Spark Plug Caps Resistor or Not?

    Does anyone know whether the OEM spark plug caps are resistor or not? If so, what resistance? I've purchased some aftermarket NGK caps (SB05F) w/ 5kOhm resistors and I'm trying to figure out whether they pair up properly with the OEM NGK DPR8EA-9 resistor plugs or whether I should get the...
  6. barber1303

    Old new tire dilemma - Should I ship it back

    I just received a eBay purchased tire advertised as "Brand New". While it is certainly unused, the manufacture date is week 19 of 2018. I have several motorcycles I ride and tire life is determined by time and not wear as I don't put much more than a couple hundred miles on each per year. I'm...
  7. barber1303

    No low speed spark on #1 and #3 '88 Vmax

    Strange situation that has me perplexed. My '88 Vmax will idle reasonably well, but it's only running on the front two cylinders. When you crack the throttle it stumbles a little, but then the rear two cylinders start firing and it rapidly climbs RPM. I've pulled each spark plug cap...
  8. barber1303

    Misfire and backfire on decel - '88 Vmax

    Before I go through the process of pulling the carbs, I thought I'd solicit the group for some advice. I bought this '88 Vmax from a co-worker who was "throwing in the towel" as he couldn't get it to run properly. The symptoms are a stumble coming off idle and a misfire (often triggering a...
  9. barber1303

    Fork Brace Identification

    This fork brace came with my 1988 Vmax. Anyone know the manufacturer? Any reason why someone would remove the stock brace and replace it with this one? Is it an improvement over the original? Thanks for your help.
  10. barber1303

    Oil Level Sensor Removal

    I'm having some trouble getting the oil level sensor out of my '85 (prepping for paint/powder coat). I have the oil pan off, I've removed the obvious mounting screws, but it doesn't want to come out. Inspection on the inboard side of the oil pan shows what looks like a snap ring around the...
  11. barber1303

    Needle valve clip attachment

    Anyone got a good trick for getting the needle valve clipped to the float after installation? I've tried installing the needle valve and float together, but the physics don't work out. It's easy to install the needle valve and then the float, but getting the clip on after installation seems to...
  12. barber1303

    Mixture Screw Extraction Success

    Those of you who have battled your way through this can probably appreciate the photo. What an ordeal. Happy to say that it ended in success. I tried several different methods including left hand drill bits and EZ-outs, but ultimately used a "hammer in" extractor to finally get my stuck...
  13. barber1303

    5th wheel/pinion design change

    Anyone know why Yamaha moved away from the original 5th wheel/pinion design (gear teeth engagement) to the new design (dog/slot engagement)? Both designs seem like they'd work okay. My original '85 5th wheel/pinion gears still look really good after 32k miles...any reason I should switch to...
  14. barber1303

    2nd Wheel Id

    Anyone know why these two "2nd Wheels" are different? One is from my '85 and I believe it is original to the model (bottom). The other comes from an unknown year spare transmission (top). Is this a design upadate? If so, what is better about the top design?
  15. barber1303

    1985 Vmax 2nd gear repair - Looking for advice from seasoned techs

    I've put about 2000 miles on this bike since I bought it used from a dealer. Its performed very well until recently it started "ratcheting" in 2nd gear under heavy acceleration (near peak power). I'm familiar with the issue from reading these forums and was prepared for it when it started...
  16. barber1303

    25mm Valve Shims - Trade?

    Anyone interested in trading some valve shims? I have a quantity of 2 "260" genuine Yamaha shims to trade for a quantity of 2 "255" shims. I also have some generic (maybe Honda?) 25mm shims in inch sizes of 108, 103, 110 and maybe a few others. Drop me a line if you're interested in trading...