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  1. J

    Looking for used exhaust, anyone???

    I’ts been cold here in Pittsburgh so I have not gone out to the shed to gather up the exhaust and photo it or even thought how to package it for shipment. When It warms up Wednesday I’ll make the effort and post it. I’ll also figure out a price that would be enticing vs. new.
  2. J

    Looking for used exhaust, anyone???

    I have a full UFO 4 into 2 slash cut exhaust in great shape(less than 1000 mi) that I pulled off to put the stock back on. I will also have the stage 7 parts after I return the air/fuel system (air box and carbs) back to stock as well. I also have a set of Kerker slip on that were momentarily...
  3. J

    New max rider in Pittsburgh

    Slightly east of Pittsburgh. I see several Maxes out but never when I’m riding.
  4. J

    New A/F screws seem aweful tight.

    Hello, last year I Bought a 05 that had stage 7 installed. It had a crap idle off choke from sitting for a year so attempted shotgun clean. Cleaning went OK till I got to right rear carb and found the A/F screw missing. I Ordered a replacement and bike idled better so I rode it and was too...