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  1. Parminio

    Need Help!

    Yep. That's been the "go to" setting for nearly every carburetor ever built. Even the old Rochester Quadrajets on old Chevy engines started there.
  2. Parminio

    2002 V-Max Cafe

    You don't take a bike like that out in the rain. Freaking duh. In fact, I don't intentionally take any bike out in the rain at all. Getting caught in it is one thing. Intentionally riding into it is silly.
  3. Parminio

    2002 V-Max Cafe

    I've seen the black one before. Really nice looking bike.
  4. Parminio

    Seat thread. What are you sittin' on?

    Still on the factory seat.
  5. Parminio

    Need Help!

    That will cause some issues as well. Good luck. Hope it all works out.
  6. Parminio

    Needing Parts? needing accessories?

    Sean's name is now Brandon?
  7. Parminio

    Weight savings

    Tons of options on wheels. Start Googling. Everything from low weight magnesium to comparatively weightless carbon fiber. Of course, you're ranging from the hundreds of dollars per rim to the thousands of dollars per rim. If you can afford it, it's out there.
  8. Parminio

    Insurance renewal increase of 51%

    WOW! I believe that's actually illegal in the United States. I think there's a maximum they can increase your rate each year. I can't for the life of me remember what it is but I'm sure it's nowhere near 50%. Edit to add: there's no federal limitation on increases but there are state...
  9. Parminio

    Lithium battery

    On the gen 2 the weight savings is even less than on the Gen 1. The factory Gen 2 battery is only 8.4 pounds, so you're looking at a max of 6 pounds savings. People could simply go on a diet and save more poundage than that. Most I've seen anybody get out of a LI battery is 6 years. I've...
  10. Parminio

    Lithium battery

    No doubt. That's the only reason I've never bought one. They're simply not worth it. You don't get more than double the power, double the longevity and double the performance but you're paying more than double the price.
  11. Parminio

    Parts Wanted Need ICM for 99 magna 750

    Send Sean Morley an email at [email protected] If memory serves, he's messed with the Magna several times before and may have one laying around.
  12. Parminio

    Need Help!

    Back up a moment here: Did you set the screws and sync the carbs without all the filters and caps on? Because if you did, that's at least part of the problem. You need to have that all on when you set the idle and sync the carbs. It's like syncing the carbs on a Vmax without having the air box...
  13. Parminio

    Weight savings

    The battery isn't even in the top 3. Exhaust you can lose around 15 to 20 pounds depending on the brand you buy to replace it and losing the center stand that weighs 6 pounds all by itself. Just getting rid of the rear fender and the steel under it is around 10 to 12 pounds. The wheels and...
  14. Parminio

    Weight savings

    Well, yeah. You can't point out that somebody is wrong or exaggerating on this forum because they'll cry like babies over it for weeks on end.
  15. Parminio

    Weight savings

    What politics? They can't get their facts straight. Nor can CNN for that matter. That's why they print retractions all the damn time. That was the point.
  16. Parminio

    Parts Wanted Windshield

    I was actually surprised at how much the little factory one helps out. A buddy of mine that had one on his '85 swopped bikes with me one time for a few miles and it does help cut the wind a good bit. I just never got around to getting one because shortly after that was when cancer hit me.
  17. Parminio

    Weight savings

    Is it "at least 10 pounds" of savings? No. It is not. I tell you, the ability of some people to argue a completely wrong point and actually give evidence that they are wrong and somehow believe that they are right is mind boggling. I'll bet a million dollars I don't have that you watch Fox...
  18. Parminio

    Low compression repair options

    If I were even going to entertain the thought of all of that, I'd just bite the bullet, call Sean Morley, or email him at [email protected], and talk to him about getting building you a 1500.
  19. Parminio

    Motorycle For Sale 1999 VMax 1200 Gen 1

    I really like how you did the saddle bags. Very nice.
  20. Parminio

    Weight savings

    That's actually the battery I quoted. The factory battery is an XT16AL-A2 and weighs 9 pounds. Xtreme High Performance 12V 16AL-A2 Powersport Battery - CYL16ALA2XT at Batteries Plus Bulbs The Shorai part number is LFX18L1-BS12 and weighs 2.31 pounds. Shorai Lithium Battery LFX18L1-BS12 | 10%...