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  1. totalcomfort

    2nd Gen VMAX Blue streak

  2. totalcomfort

    Cat delete pipe question

    I have a good friend that has the tools and know how to build one for me. I have seen 2 types of pipes, one with a connection pipe between the rear 2 pipes and one without. Is there any advantage to having this crossover pipe or is the extra work not worth it??? Thanks for the help.
  3. totalcomfort

    Speed limiter questions

    What is the true limit set on the factory computer on a 2016? I ask because I was able to do some speed runs yesterday and at a indicated 145 on speedometer it seemed bike went soft. Was pulling like a train up till that point. Going to do x pipe and flash shortly.
  4. totalcomfort

    New batwing on my 16

    Cheap 79.00 eBay windshield, not to bad plastic is pretty thick, smoke windshield will probably scratch if I’m not careful. Needed this for the ride to Eureka springs in a couple weeks
  5. totalcomfort

    Air box cover protector?

    Got a couple scratches where it meets front of seat, anybody make a bra or cover for that area? Thanks for any help this for a 2nd gen 2016.
  6. totalcomfort

    My new to me 2016

    Just sold my 07 a couple weeks ago and started looking hard for a 2nd gen I could afford. Everything I found was too far away or priced out of budget. Then fate stepped in when I ran into a 73 year old man that was local to me. He had a 2016 with 1700 miles that was for sale and he was asking...
  7. totalcomfort

    Long shot maybe?

    I just sold my first gen I couldn’t keep it I had no confidence in it. I loved the power but the handling of my 07 scared me. I rebuilt forks and put in progressive springs in have stock rear shocks. From what I have e read you could spend a pile of cash getting it to handle. So is a second gen...
  8. totalcomfort

    Arkansas riders

    Any central or south west riders around here?
  9. totalcomfort

    How many beers to install voodoo exhaust?

    Got a full voodoo exhaust system coming for my 07. Already got factory system off ( could have used a case of beer with that rusty junk) had to use a torch to loosen it up a bit. What am I in for with the voodoo exhaust? Tips from those that have done this are greatly appreciated. Can I reuse...
  10. totalcomfort

    Blow back thru front left carb

    Just got a 07 in neglected shape, pulled carbs and cleaned them and checked float height. Carbs were not very bad but bike would only idle with choke on. After cleaning carbs idle smoothed out but still had a random miss. Changed plugs and checked for spark at all cylinders all checked good...
  11. totalcomfort

    Best service manual 2007

    Picking up a 07 Thursday, I do all my own work. Have seen a few downloads but looking for a hard copy. Who has the best manual or do I need more than one? Thanks for any help, excited to finally be part of the vmax madness.
  12. totalcomfort

    Buying a 85 vmax need a little advice

    Looked at a 85 today that looked showroom new only had 9k miles. That is the great part!! The back story is a family member got it new and died 6yrs ago, when this happened they pushed it into a backroom. It has sat for six years and not been started. I am sure the same fuel is in it from 6yrs...