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    Flywheel Bolt

    Hi Everyone, Going to change the starter clutch, have read a lot of posts, looked at Sean's videos, Great info from everyone. Just one question regarding removing the flywheel bolt: I have a 1/2 impact that I would like to use to remove the bolt, Is this ok? and does rear brake pedal need to be...
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    pilot screw question

    After cleaning my carbs I noticed that one of the pilot screw is missing the Oring and washer. Made sure it is not in carb. It's most likely that this occurred when I cleaned the carbs last year. With the oring and washer missing, would that show a slight leaner plug reading? I have the...
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    Thanks for the help/information

    Just wanted to say "Thanks", I got a new style, used rectifier from vmax2extreme, thank you. Solid 14.1 vdc at idle, and only goes down, 13.5-13.8, with the fan running and the high beam at idle. Up to 14vdc with more rpm's. Great site/stickies/ info/people!! :punk:
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    measuring stator voltage

    I am new. Great site, been doing alot of reading. My question is about measuring the AC voltage at the stator. I have read that you can measure this voltage by measuring across 2 white wires, and also that you can measure it by the red lead on a white wire, and the black lead on ground. If...