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    Clip ons

    Hello I recently installed clip ons to my vmax, but the the cables are kinda long and it doesn't pull back properly the throttle. advices for setting this up properly? Now it goes under left scoop.
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    Electric question

    So I have this thing on max near battery. I just have no idea what goes where. Apparently other end goes to battery? other goes somewhere?
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    Help needed with exhaust mystery

    So I recently acquired some exhaust from eBay to my bike. here it is : It seems to be BSM exhaust, I cannot find anything from their website about this and when I mail them they answered once. I have managed to assemble front headers and other one of the...
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    Installation issues

    Any advices how get U joint and driveshaft lined together? I mean, should I put swingarm on and then the whole final drive assembly and line it , or should I keep swingers and final drive together and line it ? It seems really difficult getting em together.
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    Wanting to buy Gen 1 vmax rearsets/foot pegs. Originals suck for me, since I am 190cm tall and I'd like em more back. Also I do not fancy the highway pegs. So if you have some custom pegs like LSL, one , etc.. Pm me ˆˆ
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    Dynojet 7

    Looking for Dynojet stage 7 kit. Also possibly K&N filters, not necessary. Whole assembly.
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    Pod filters

    Hello and gud day What kind of different filters is it possible to use? I mean, most people seem to use K&N filters. Uni filters? I have even been planning to make scoops workable. Has anyone done this? Also question about the breather assembly. If I would happen to use...