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  1. jedi-

    Valve tool

    Well, I had one somewhere but couldn't find it just when I need it putting my project motor together. They are expensive on ebay and I don't want to wait for one so the next best thing is to make one. Took a stab at the dimensions from a picture and drew it in Solidworks and wire cut it (edm)...
  2. jedi-

    How to recover your seat

    Here's how to save a bunch of money and bring your old seat back to new without either buying another seat or paying $ to have someone else recover your old seat. My new project bike required a seat so I bought a used ripped up seat from Japan all for about $20 and a replacement new cover for...
  3. jedi-

    Lets make a new gear..

    I was basically given a complete trans which I will use in my project. To them it was trash because it was jumping out of 2nd as you can see by the picture of the drive dogs. Well the culprit isn't actually 2nd that causes all the grief in these bikes , it's actually 5th gear which engages...
  4. jedi-

    Gen 1 diff on a Gen 2 swingarm

    A project that is almost complete. A bit off messing around but it's sorted out now and really not that difficult having sorted out all the measurements now.Need to just screwcut the thread on the high tensile axle. The diff shown is only an old unit and won't be the diff used . We just need...
  5. jedi-

    RH scoop and more

    Need a rh scoop for my project, paint condition does not matter at all but it needs to be clear of dents , gouges etc. Also need a plastic cover which I can best describe as the black plastic visible cover that is above and forward of the left hand scoop. There will be other bits needed as I...
  6. jedi-

    New project

    Just picked up a frame with swingarm, rear wheel and wiring loom etc the other day. I have quite a few spare parts here and should be able to punch out another bike as I have a spare engine etc. I don't want to throw a whole lot of money at it but I want it to look nice. I have a few plans...
  7. jedi-

    Brand new Gen 1

    Gonna keep this one for special occasions ...
  8. jedi-

    2nd gear fix

    Here's a couple of pics of a 2nd gear fix I did today. Problem of second gears is actually 5TH gear driven dogs that mates to 2nd gear driven internal pockets. I welded the dogs with cobalt rods (tig) and even built up the dog height to give it some more engagement . Next step was to...
  9. jedi-

    Meet doofus the bank robber

    Doofus tries to blow the front out of an ATM to get his haul...
  10. jedi-

    Weird mugshots

    Some strange looking people... An example,
  11. jedi-

    Top ugliest bikes

    I might not exactly agree with it all but I do get a kick out of the authors style of humor. I could not stop laughing at some of his remarks.. Golden age.. Hypermotards...
  12. jedi-

    DIY Dyno build

    Think I have committed myself to building a dyno lol. We'll have some testing to do with our supercharger setup and I think it would come in handy for sure. There's quite a bit of info about doing it all so I'll get started soon by buying some steel etc. I'll document the project as I go.
  13. jedi-

    AMR 500 supercharger

    Anyone know much about these? I can get them here quite cheaply and it kinda looks like something that's doable size wise for the max. I'm kinda thinking of doing a setup for a fun project although I don't currently feel like hacking up my bikes. I might let our apprentice's Vmax become the...
  14. jedi-

    Womens Columbia cycling team fail

    Cycling team uniform fail. The mid section is almost flesh coloured which kinda makes interesting viewing
  15. jedi-

    Fighting the thieves

    Since our apprentice had his Vmax stolen recently I decided to upgrade some of my defenses. I have used a tracker before but it wasn't always 100% reliable. These new units here.. I obtained directly from the manufacturer and it works really well...
  16. jedi-

    Chain drive hits the streets

    This is really the conclusion of the chain drive project from the other thread. Finally getting some Spring type weather so I managed to get some test runs. Apart from some minor adjustments it's pretty well done. To recap: I basically built the engine from bits from another busted Vmax...
  17. jedi-

    Luckiest guy ever on a bike

  18. jedi-


    Not mine but our apprentice here at work. His Vmax was almost complete as he bought it with a busted motor. We installed another motor, he painted it all himself, frame, engine etc, it had bits of some off my other bike, swingarm, wide wheel, 4-1 exhaust etc, etc. Got it all running ok and took...
  19. jedi-

    Gen 2 to Gen 1 shaft for swingarm

    Thought you might like to see one..
  20. jedi-

    2015 Indian

    These are coming to NZ later this year( Indian Scout). I could understand that some won't like them BUT to be honest I actually like it...