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  1. Poolio

    Powder coating differential

    Does the differential have to be completely disassembled to be powder coated? Going to do my swing arm black and want the final drive to match
  2. Poolio


    How much would it cost to replace a crankshaft. It was hit where it sticks out of the engine by the end near the flywheel bolt. Internally the motor turns over fine. Any help is always appreciated
  3. Poolio

    Motor removal

    How hard is it to get the motor out? Where do you start? I think I might need a manual and a big hammer for this job
  4. Poolio

    Reducing header outlet

    What effect would reducing header outlet from 2.25” to 2” have on the bike? Trying to find a slip on and it’s next to impossible to find a 2.25 inlet. Plenty of 2”. I just don’t want to hurt the bikes performance.
  5. Poolio

    Exhaust can

    i have a 4 into 1 holeshot. 2-1/4 inlet size. Was looking for some canister options. Can you buy 4” od tubes of carbon fiber somewhere?
  6. Poolio

    02 stock shocks

    real nice stock shocks080B307F-DF38-4F23-B777-7132F398271B by Poolio posted Apr 3, 2019 at 3:16 PM. Make me an offer+ shipping
  7. Poolio

    Fjr1300 brake and clutch master cylinders

    will any year work? Adding the 6 pots and wan to swap the controls out
  8. Poolio

    Sumitomo 6 pots

    sand blasted them today, going to strip them now and paint them. What’s the best way to get the cylinders out? Air? Do I have to split them? Do they just push back in after removing. Plan on soaking all the gaskets in brake fluid while I have the pistons apart
  9. Poolio

    Fzr750 6 pots

    are these the ones that are direct bolt on?
  10. Poolio

    6 pot Sumitomo

    looking for the direct bolt on set. Preferably something not in great shape. Going to strip powder coat and rebuild. Can’t see to find any. Don’t want to pay for a nice set just to strip down either
  11. Poolio

    17” front wheel

    does max daddy have a matching front 17” wheel in production?
  12. Poolio

    New exhaust coating

    Just got my exhaust back from jet Hot and wow, amazing service and finished product is unreal for $150. And comes guaranteed!
  13. Poolio

    Dale walker 4 into 1

    Can’t seem to find the springs that came with the exhaust. Any idea on how to find out what size to get new ones?
  14. Poolio


    Does anyone offer performance cams for the vmax?
  15. Poolio

    02 front wheel

    Looking fo a polished front wheel for my 02. Have a freshly coated silver one and a black one. I want a polished one
  16. Poolio

    Front swap

    Has anyone swapped out the front forks and used the ohlins from a Ducati? Curious if I had a set of trees made for it if there would be any issues. Length, spring rate because of the bikes weight difference. Love the look of an inverted front end and the gold look from Ducati
  17. Poolio

    New clutch and brake controls

  18. Poolio

    First time

    I've got the new galfer clutch line, looking to purchase a all in one bundle. Factory steels, good fibers, pcw spring. Is there anything else I need? How tough of a job is this? Any help is appreciated. Would like to order everything from the same spot
  19. Poolio

    Aftermarket turn signals non led

    I bought a set of jap crap lights that look cool. Back went on no problems. Front only has two wires. Have everything working but no running lights now. How can I get them to work? That extra wire I'm left with for each side because I only used two, can it be spliced into somewhere?
  20. Poolio

    Backrest bag

    Looking for a good bag that attatches to the backrest. Want one that is rock solid and won't fall off