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  1. Caddymax

    Which Torque Wrench to Buy?

    I've seen too many people break bolts with cheap torque wrenches because they are not accurate. Get one from Sears, accurate and guarantied for life. Too important not to buy a good one and for not much more. One time investment.
  2. Caddymax

    Don't deal with Tommygun4u

    Has anybody looked up this "Tommygun4u" on Google? Lots of information that might be of interest. Just saying.
  3. Caddymax

    Why such low milage?

    I have a 2009 with over 20K miles on it. I think a lot of Gen II owners are scared of the bike's torque and power. It comes on like nothing you're used to. Comfort is no problem when compared to other bikes. Also the seat is wide so longer legs are needed to be flatfooted. Only complaint...
  4. Caddymax

    Gen 2 .....Short Interesting Read

    Good write-up Mark and oh so true. As far as the V-boost goes, has anyone ever seen a dyno sheet on a Gen I? There is no jump in power or torque at 6-7K revs. Yamaha used smaller venturi carbs to give it better mileage. Up to 6-7K revs, these carbs are sufficient. At higher revs the engine...
  5. Caddymax

    New Exhaust

    Nah, the Three Sisters are in Oregon and the Twisted Sisters are in Texas. :biglaugh:
  6. Caddymax

    My new Vmax destroyer

    Nice work. Must be nice to have a machine shop at your disposal and be creative.
  7. Caddymax

    V Max vs Harley 48

    I'm pretty sure it's a Harley with 48 hp. I should know, I had two Sportsters and my buddy with a 350 Honda ran circles around me.:rofl_200:
  8. Caddymax


    The guy couldn't afford a Harley so he tried to make it look like one. :rofl_200:
  9. Caddymax

    Recall for oil pump on 2010 Vmax???

    Isn't that what they did except for a 6 speed? You don't need a sixth gear with that much torque. Pull 200 lbs from where? Because of all the torque this motor produces, they had to make it beefy so it would be bullet-proof. I'm sure they tried like hell to reduce weight wherever possible...
  10. Caddymax

    ECU Unleashed Re-Flash

    It's just a lot of talk. I haven't seen any dyno numbers from anybody that shows any reduction in power from a 240. Granted, there probably is some but nothing like 7hp. Tire does not weigh that much more than a 200 and the contact area is just a fraction larger. Definitely nothing you can...
  11. Caddymax

    ECU Unleashed Re-Flash

    There has been a lot of raving about this reflash by a few people. I sent in my unit to get re-flashed and paid $550 up front, the actual charge at the time. He deposited the money the next day and made little effort on my re-flash. After two weeks of waiting and two e-mails that were NEVER...
  12. Caddymax

    Quest For Gen II Continues....? Need Input.

    I pay $154 a year for my 09 and it has full coverage through State Farm. Perhaps you're just too young. :rofl_200:
  13. Caddymax

    Made my own crash bars.

    Looks good to me and if you like what you did, that's all that matters. If there are any issues with it, in time you will correct those too. Gotta love people that can help themselves and overcome issues.:clapping:
  14. Caddymax

    Rear shock lowering mounts

    After a long absence from this Forum, I've returned and want Shawn Kloker to know that those lowering blocks are still on the bike and I've ridden it now for six years, two up, and have had NO problems at all. Haven't touched the mounts since their install. Feels great getting your feet flat on...
  15. Caddymax

    Fuel Mileage

    I get around 30+ riding two up on the 09. 40+ on the 04 riding solo and do ride a bit aggressive on both. The 09 has so much power compared to the 04, I don't mind the little extra gas......it's worth the money and then some.
  16. Caddymax

    Need to replace my front tire--HELP

    I have a brand new Metzeler ME 880, 110/90 18 M/C 61H in my garage that I was going to put on my 2004. It has never been mounted since I'm planning to sell the bike. Bought a new 2009 and don't need two bikes. I will part with it for $50 cash and since you also live in Cincinnati and could...