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    Are aftermarket fork braces worth it?

    Ryan hasn't been around in a while so I doubt he will answer. When he says lowering blocks I'm going to assume he's talking about lowering the OEM forks internally. Racetech accomplishes this with PVC spacers (just some conduit) and Progressive uses "lowering springs". Either way works...

    Removal of 2004 motor proc

    #13 (rear wheel/diff/shocks/swingarm removal) is necessary because you need to remove the mid gear assembly/output shaft/u-joint (step 15) from the engine in order to get the engine out of the frame.

    2014 VMAX fuel pump replacement

    Isn't there a way to test the fuel pressure before replacing parts on a guess?

    Forks leaking, just rebuild or upgrade?

    Correct. Intiminators do not require drilling the damper rods and there is no adjusting them. You run a lightweight fork oil (5wt IIRC). RICOR says the light weight oil eliminates the need to drill the rods. I had intiminators and progressive springs when I had OEM forks on my vmax. Huge...

    Forks leaking, just rebuild or upgrade?

    A basic fork spring swap is one of the best "bang for your buck" mods you can do on a vmax. Racetech or Progressive are both a huge upgrade. If you're looking for an easy and affordable upgrade, email Sean Morley for a set of progressive springs and some 15wt or 20wt oil. Most guys don't run...

    Marks Exhaust

    If you have a kerker 4-1 exhaust and don't like the sound, you may want want to buy a different end cap/baffle. Take a measurement of the outlet on yours and let us know what you've got. Sean Morley used to stock the large diameter competition baffles for Kerker mufflers. Not sure if he still...

    jet sizes

    If you're not going with any type of jet kit, I'd start out with 150 mains and around 2.5 turns out on the A/F screws.

    Where did all the info go?

    A few years back before the forum change, I remember a forum section on the Gen 1 carburetors that had a ton of "Sticky" threads with EXCELLENT info. You could open that section and learn how remove the carbs, change your mains, do a full rebuild, synch, adjust vboost, and jet your carbs all...

    Damn...good deals out here...

    I need a new vmax. If your nit interested please pass along the details

    Torque spec and which Loctite

    Those bolts are notorious for coming lose. I wouldn't hesitate to use red loctite. Just helped my son replace the flywheel in his SV1000 last week. He had blue loctite on the bench and I told him to put red on those bolts!

    Steve Jasse Bike for sale

    Not sure if this has been posted here. If you've been around the Vmax scene for awhile I'm sure you've heard his name. 93 Yamaha Vmax $0 · In stock Listed in DeLand, FL Message Details Condition Used - Good ** OK people, you have only 1 day left to place your bid! Auction closes...

    newbie question

    The new owner FAQ covers engine oil but not gear oil. 80w-90 GL-4 rated gear oil is what the old manual calls for in the rear differential. I typically used Valvoline synthetic 75w-90.

    Rear Wheel 2001 Vmax.

    A couple of my local auto parts stores have loaner tools. One of which is a blind bearing remover. Works wonderfully on this bearing. Also works quite well on the needle bearing in the differential

    oil temp gauge options

    1.5" or 38mm is common. Never saw a 35mm.

    17" or 18"? That is the question...............

    17" wheel with a venture diff is pretty close to stock 17" wheel with OEM diff-first gear tops out QUICK!

    I’m Back ………….

    Welcome back Rick. Best of luck!

    Wave rotors -front---EBC or Galfer?

    The Arashi brand is a resonably priced china alternative with good reviews.

    Painting vinyl? Google "Vinyl Dye"

    Looking For A New GPS

    Cell phone works great. My F150 has all the bells and whistles including a nice NAV system but, I just plug my phone in.