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    Luggage option for Gen 2

    Yeah, they call mine a "waxer."
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    Luggage option for Gen 2

    2015 Corvette z06/z07. 11k miles.
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    Luggage option for Gen 2

    They are viking bags that say they are for the VLX600. The brackets were my own creation from brackets found at Lowes Hardware. I wrote a post about my experience here:
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    Luggage option for Gen 2

    It can be done if you are patient and creative.
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    Luggage option for Gen 2

    Looks like a nice rack, but you will likely have clearance issues with the exhaust and blinkers for anything but the smallest bags.
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    Motorcycle Wanted Wtb gen 2 VMax

    When you put the housing back on, you are blind as to whether or not the drive gear meshes up. If it's not seated carefully and correctly, screwing down the retainer bolts cracks the gear. I was sent off with no oil pressure. Engine seized a few miles down the road. This happened to numerous...
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    Motorcycle Wanted Wtb gen 2 VMax

    I would look for a 2012 or later. I was one of the "lucky" ones who had the dealer destroy an engine in a 2009 doing the oil pump recall.
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    Anybody have the Corbin front saddle?

    I had one on my 2009. Hard as a rock. It lowered the seat a bit... maybe an inch. It was flatter than stock. Being 6'5" tall, this didn't matter for me. I also had the passenger seat which looked way more comfortable than the stock seat. It also enabled the donut style backrest which I thought...
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    Recognize this ECU?

    I can confirm that's the racing ECU. Removes the rpm (and perhaps other) restrictions. I had one installed on my 2009 before I sold it. I didn't really notice anything different. Mine was one of the lucky ones that had the engine destroyed in the oil pump recall. I got a new engine from it. I...
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    Front Fork Repair Kit

    I'm assuming by the picture you are asking about a Gen 2 seal repair kit. I was unable to find one when my 2009 started to seep. I ordered the seal, oil, and dust cover separately. There is also a special tool that reaches down to the bottom of the shock to disassemble the unit. I used a 27mm...
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    Picking up my GenII

    Be careful getting the oil pump recall done. I'm one of the lucky ones who had the dealership total an engine by breaking the drive gear for the pump doing the recall.
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    Removing front cylinder header

    Does anyone know if it's possible to remove the front header pipe from the left cylinder without removing the rest of the exhaust? This is a 2014 get 2 Vmax. Mine has a couple of scratches on it and I might be able to get a new replacement.
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    Does synthetic oil cause slipping clutch?

    Never had an issue using Mobil 1 20w50. I'm on my second gen 2 and have probably ridden a combined 20k miles on the two. I also had two gen 1's using the same oil with no problems.
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    How does this work?

    Turn the key counterclockwise in the holder and it will pull out.
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    What do you all think of my luggage solution?

    Wow. That is an elegant solution. A lot of what I did was guided by the bags I bought. I just liked the look of leather (or whatever material mine are made of) and kinda went from there. I tried numerous bag stays... universal, other applications that I modified to fit the bolt spacing... I was...
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    What do you all think of my luggage solution?

    The moment of inertia about the axis of the crossbar does not depend on where that bracket attaches to the horizontal bar. It's determined by the downward force and it's distance from the vertical plain containing that crossbar. At any rate, your orange line would require another 1/2" spacer on...
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    What do you all think of my luggage solution?

    Final Update (I promise): So after taking the bike out for a 50 mile trip, the bottom of the bags did get a little warm (slightly more than the top on a sunny day). So I added an aluminum heat shield to protect the bags a bit. I also added a third cross member to again increase stiffness. The...
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    What do you all think of my luggage solution?

    Attached is a photo of what they look like on the bike. Here's a link to where I got them. Here's a link to the load resistors I used which enable no-cut installation: Here's a link to the wire adapters that go from...
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    What do you all think of my luggage solution?

    That's a good question. I haven't been out on the bike for any long trips with the bags as they are to test the temperature on the bags. At a standstill, most of the exhaust flow misses the bags because the pipes are angled out, sort of like the OEM bags. My bags only stick out a couple more...
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    What do you all think of my luggage solution?

    Update: I thought of a way to make my brackets much more stable by doubling up on some of the steel. I could probably stand on the bags now and they'd hold the weight (but I'm not going to try it... well after a few beers maybe). Not pictured here is a cross support that actually sits inside the...